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    JOLLY – Cutting-edge design gelato display case


    An excellent display case transforms the finest gelato into a show of flavour and freshness.

    When talking about fine italian gelato, customers desire to be amused not only by its fresh taste but also by the visual. A powerful visual impact often fulfills the most important task of a display: persuading the potential customer of the product`s high standards. A high quality product deserves a consistent presentation.

    Secondly, a great gelato display case must ensure long lasting flavours and a great preservation, in order to to enhance its shelf life at the highest standards.


    Jolly is the first free-standing professional display case featuring the exclusive Hybrid Cooling Technology with supplementary refrigeration source. The result is groundbreaking. Its technology guarantees continuous chilling even during the defrost cycle. Besides, it protects your gelato against thermal shock, maintaining its appearance, flavour and sensory properties unaltered.


    Communicating quality is a must for your gelato shop`s success. And that`s where a great gelato display case comes in.

    IFI`s Jolly display case gives your creations the visibility they deserve: the perimeter LED lighting, in addition to the front and sides in pyrolytic, heated and tempered glass make the quality of your products stand out.


    A superior technology built to enhance the overall quality of gelato.

    Jolly perfectly preserves the flavour, appeal and properties of the food.
    The Hybrid Cooling Technology ensures continuous chilling during the delicate defrost cycle.


    Win your customers` love by taking care of the details.

    For this reason, every element of Jolly gelato display cases is designed to offer a superior finish and maximum attention to detail.

    • Compact design.
    • Base in polyethylene for a soundproof and green environment.
    • Sliding door guides integrated into the surface.
    • Internal tank sides with antibacterial treatment.
    • Integrated wheels and adjustable, blockable fee.


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