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    MILIA – Italian gelato horizontal display case


    IFI`s new cases are among the very best horizontal ice cream display cases for the finest italian gelato shops. The reason is that they provide a perfect balance between performance and esthetics. An excellent balance between these two aspects is a key for every top class gelato business. As a matter of fact, customers search for both visual and sensorial satisfaction.


    MILIA gelato display case means excellence.

    The absence of front visual barriers characterises Milia`s horizontal display cases. The hidden air intake keeps the attention focused on the Gelato and Pastry. Here`s why they appear magically suspended and perfectly visible from any angle.

    Moreover, every gelato display case is also equipped with 3 x 4000K LED light sources which further enhance the displayed products.


    MILIA means also elegance.

    Thanks to its minimal design and striking black livery, the Milia gelato display case makes every context unique and classy. It does that with style and elegance. As a consequence, Gelato and Pastry creations immediately catch the eye, magically suspended in a precious glass chest.


    But MILIA means also cutting edge technology able to ensure the finest gelato quality.

    The look, the taste and the quality of food retain all their original characteristics even in the most critical environmental conditions as to heat and humidity. Therefore, IFI’s MILIA gelato display case guarantees maximum hygiene and safety for food and consumers, thanks to the semi-hermetic closure of the sliding doors and the special GHA® anodizing treatment with antibacterial properties.


    In addition to ensuring the best preservation of Gelato, the HCS smart defrosting system saves energy by intelligently reducing the number of defrosts. And that means lower costs and higher quality.


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