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    Thanks to the Panorama Technology (the soul of Bellevue, ADI Compasso d’Oro), finally pozzetti can show off the appearance of gelato like the best display cases. This alone would have been enough to mark a turning point for artisan gelato-makers and their sector, but that is not all.

    1. It is a pozzetti counter, the best way of preserving gelato
    2. Unlike normal pozzetti, the gelato can be seen, thanks to the doors made of tempered and heated pyrolytic glass (for 2 or 4 holes) which serve as a protective barrier between customer and gelato when open. The LED perimeter lighting highlights the natural colours of the gelato
    3. It is ideal for built-in solutions
    4. Thanks to the new design of insulated tanks, for the first time it is possible to create a potentially endless double row of tubs that are always evenly spaced and can even have different operating temperatures (for gelato, granita or cream). This makes it possible to restrict the counter size, making life easier for operators who have to move less
    5. It improves hygiene and makes it easier, because it is very easy to remove all the elements from inside the tank, which can then be washed by hand or in a dishwasher.
    6. It is fitted with anti-rotation tubs.
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