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    The Panorama Cluster family grows larger adding Panorama Xylo, a free-standing refrigeration unit 

    with hardware — Ifi’s Panorama technology, which brings together perfect gelato preservation in pozzetto counters and flavour visibility in the display cases, offering new ideas and opportunities for presenting and serving artisan gelato.

    With Panorama Xylo, artisan gelato goes beyond the boundaries of our traditional idea of a gelato parlour. Equipped with 5 1.3 kg gelato pans, Xylo is designed to respond to the needs which have come out of the growing contamination of artisan gelato with other food areas: restaurants/pastry shops/cafés… These are areas where the quantity of gelato which is produced and displayed is lower than that in a gelato parlour. Nevertheless, artisan gelato production combined with other foods, when done with professionalism and creativity, opens up very interesting scenarios.

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