1. General Details

    Panorama Xylo is a top-notch free-standing refrigeration unit. A real Premium Ice Cream Display Case to showcase your frozen delicacies with style and efficiency.


    IFI is one of the world’s leading brands for ice cream and gelato equipment. And once again, IFI’s Panorama Cluster family grows larger, adding another state-of-the-art masterpiece.

    With its hardware, Panorama technology brings in fact together the perfect gelato and ice cream preservation in pozzetto counters with the flawless flavor visibility as one of the very best display cases.

    As such, Panorama Xylo is truly an outstanding cabinet. In fact, it is able to offer new ideas and opportunities for properly presenting and serving artisan ice cream.


    Panorama Xylo: the technical uniqueness of a special Ice Cream Display


    First of all, Xylo is equipped with five 1.3 kg gelato pans. As a consequence, it is able to address the evolving demands brought about by the fusion of gelato with other culinary realms. These including restaurants, pastry shops, and cafes.

    In these establishments, the requirement for gelato quantities is in fact often lower then for proper ice cream parlors. Nevertheless, Panorama Xylo excels in accommodating these diverse

    needs. Its integration of artisan ice cream production with other foods presents a great opportunity to expand any business’ culinary horizons.


    This fusion not only satisfies the escalating demand for varied gelato experiences. Instead, it also nurtures a fertile environment for creativity and innovation.

    Through a blend of professionalism and ingenuity, the amalgamation of artisan gelato with other culinary delights unlocks a multitude of thrilling possibilities, captivating both creators and consumers alike.


    Looking for a top, Made in Italy ice cream display for your business?

    Reach out to us to get our free advice and understand if Panorama Xylo is the best solution for your own creations.

    Otherwise, just contact us here to get our best quote!

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