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    PIVOT – Best cakes and pastries refrigerated vertical display case


    Pivot is the new IFI‘s benchmark for vertical refrigerated cakes display cases. Because it gives your creations the visibility they deserve with the outmost italian design elegance.

    Designed to enhance frozen cakes, pastry products and praline confectionery, Pivot gives an all-round panorama of the food on display. Besides, it assures superior efficiency by making good use of all the internal space, which is free from barriers, and guarantees maximum capacity.


    PIVOT cakes display case, the ultimate showcase for your stunning creations, is led by superior technology.

    An upper level gelato shop needs two main things.

    Firstly, granting its freshly made products the visibility they are worth. And Pivot display cases take care of that.

    In fact, a heated double glazing glass on all sides and an anti-fog system, which eliminates fogging on the door after opening, gives your products the visibility they deserve.
    The 6 newly designed shelves, together with the diffused and oblique lighting incorporated into the structure with 3 LED bars, highlight and add value to the uniqueness of your proposal.


    Secondly, assuring long lasting quality to the products.

    That`s what makes Pivot cakes display case the best equipment in town. Because of its advanced refrigeration system from the bottom upwards, the perfect distribution of cold air and the exceptionally rapid temperature recovery after opening, it grants a cutting edge technology. As a result it ensures the perfect preservation of the flavour, appeal and properties of your creations.


    High quality gelato and confectionery require care at every step of the process. From the making of, to the customer experience.

    For this reason the design of every element of Pivot cakes display cases offers a superior finish and maximum attention to detail.

    • Full-length handle integrated in the door.
    • Automatic closure with acoustic signal in case of accidental opening.
    • Adjustable display shelves with innovative locking system.
    • Condenser protective filter and easy access for maintenance.


    According to your needs and your shop design, Pivot is available in versions with:

    • 4 glass display sides in glass H 1900 mm (ventilated or static);
    • 4 glass display sides in glass H 1541 mm with free-standing or counter configuration (ventilated only);
    • 3 glass display sides in glass H 1900 mm (ventilated only).


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