1. General Details

    Gelato PopApp is a compact workstation that encompasses spaces for the production of artisan gelato for its preservation, display and sale in a single environment. Smart and accessible like an APP, it can be opened with a simple movement changing its size from 5425in2 closed to 7750in2 open (approximately). Versatile and adaptable like a pop-up store, it can be easily disassembled to be reused in always different contexts.

    Gelato PopApp is the gelato show for all to see and then taste, it is the story of doing, it is transparency, it is interaction, it is freedom of installation, because it consists of only three elements; what’s more, it is fully independent thanks to the self-sufficient water system and requires only a 230V power outlet to turn it on.

    The attention IFI pays to the environment and the needs of the sector leaders can be seen in Gelato PopApp: from the choice of the material of which it is made, Krion®, to the study of the physical space, exploited to the maximum according to the needs and movements of the gelato maker so as to have everything within easy reach.

    Inside Gelato PopApp: Panorama® for gelato display and preservation, sink, taps with deleading treatment, worktop, single-compartment cell with adjustable temperature, neutral topping containers, space to fit a batch freezer and its table top with lifting system, LED lighting, container compartments, electrical sockets for equipment, wheels on bearings for movement, lock.

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