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    POZZETTI Style Gelato Display Case


    A Pozzetti style gelato display case is probably the most classic and iconic type of gelato cabinet.

    The legendary Italian gelato maker Giorgio Pozzetti invented the classic Pozzetti display case in the early 1980s. He developed the design to keep his gelato at the perfect temperature and texture, while also making it easy for customers to view and select their favorite flavors. That’s how Pozzetti counters quickly became popular in gelato shops all around the world.

    Undeniably, today no other type of gelato display case is capable of matching a Pozzetti’s technicals.


    Pozzetti style display case’s technicals

    Pozzetti’s technical superiority depends on several reasons. First of all, it features an apposite builtin refrigeration system. Gelato fills a series of shallow pans. At the same time, customers can easily view and select their favorite flavors due to the pans that are arranged in a circular pattern.

    The gelato and slush Pozzetti cabinets have a tubular steel frame. The frame is painted with epoxy powders at 180°C with stiffening elements and adjustable feet.
    It’s available both in the traditional glycol or in the innovative ventilated refrigeration. In addition, they both come with the new exclusive anti – rotation carapine (buckets). You can choose between single or double level, which is only for the ventilated refrigeration system.

    As a matter of fact, the Pozzetti gelato display case is famous for its strength and durability. Moreover, its worldwide fame for keeping and storing gelato at the perfect temperature and texture is due to the metal tubs and the solid metal lids. They protect gelato from external lights, granting it endurance and a longer shelf life, even overnight. Besides, its design prevents gelato from oxidation and cross-contaminations.

    Last but not least, it is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a great choice for any gelato shop.

    At MODALiTA, we highly recommended the Pozzetti gelato display cases for top class brands and luxury ice cream shops.

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