1. General Details



    This Refrigerated Bar Counter is a design masterpiece by the Italian historical and leading brand IFI.


    IFI’s Bar Counters are unique and an excellent choice for your shop because of several key reasons:

    • Their modularity;
    • They grant maximum durability;
    • Their stainless steel enhances hygiene standards;
    • They are highly customizable.


    Technical Features of the IFI Refrigerated Bar Counter


    Firstly, these Refrigerated Bar Counters are available in two convenient heights to suit your space:

    • mm. 1131 (complete with splashguard and equipped for granite/composite material top);
    • mm. 951 (without splashguard).

    Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, these counters feature a tubular steel frame painted with epoxy powders at 180°C, therefore ensuring long-lasting performance. Stiffening elements and adjustable feet also provide stability and flexibility for various setups.

    The monobloc cell grants insulation with ecological polyurethane, thus ensuring optimal temperature retention for your beverages and ingredients. Inside, stainless steel walls and a bottom with a 2B finish provide a hygienic and easy-to-clean surface. Exterior side panels boast a plastic-coated metal sheet with a Similinox finish. Also, the back is made of zinc-coated metal sheet for durability.

    The worktop, also available in Scotch Brite finish stainless steel, can come with or without a built-in space, offering versatility to accommodate your specific needs. Additionally, optional features include a coffee machine top and cash desk top in stainless steel, sinks, bottle holders, drawers, cell interior neon lighting, locking systems on refrigerated doors and drawers, power points, as well as intermediate and bottom wire shelves.



    Step up your Bar now


    This Refrigerated Bar Counter by IFI assures you of perfect safety and compliance with industry standards. Whether you’re running a bustling bar, cafe, or restaurant, these counters provide the functionality, durability, and flexibility you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

    Choose the height and optional features that best suit your own bar’s needs. Get a quote now!


    ETL certification

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