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    Available in two different heights: mm.1131 (with splashguard and equipped for granite/composite material top) and mm.951 (without splashguard). Tubular steel frame, painted with epoxy powders at 180°C with stiffening elements and adjustable feet. Monobloc cell insulated with ecological polyurethane, cell interior walls and bottom in stainless steel with 2B finish, rounded corners easy to clean. Exterior side panels in plastic-coated metal sheet with Similinox finish, exterior back in zinc-coated metal sheet. Worktop in Scotchbrite finish stainless steel, available with or without built-in space. Optionals: coffee machine top and cash desk top in stainless steel, sinks, bottle holders, drawers, cell interior neon lighting, locking system on refrigerated doors and drawers, power-points, intermediate and bottom wire shelves.

    ETL certificated

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