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    SerieS – The most customizable pizza oven in the world


    The Moretti Forni Oven Serie S is nothing less than the most advanced and customizable pizza oven in the world.

    Whether you’re baking pizza, pastry, bakery items, or gastronomic delights, this oven is perfect for all your needs. This is what makes SerieS different from any other oven around. Whereas other ovens are great for specific purposes (such as pizza OR bread OR pastry), SerieS is a great fit for all of them.

    With Moretti Forni’s constant search for perfection, you can also  customize your Serie S oven with over 4 million combinations. You can choose from a wide range of options. Among them, you can pick different dimensions, number and type of baking chamber, material for baking surface and door opening, Steel or Icon finish… The options are endless, so you can create the oven that most responds to your needs.

    Moreover, you can improve your business by choosing the Multibake chamber you need for a versatile production. Otherwise, you might prefer a specific chamber according to your production needs.

    You can choose from other 5 kinds of baking chambers:

    • Romanbake
    • Stonebake
    • Pastrybake
    • Steambake
    • Fastbake

    With the ability to bake pizza, pastry, bakery, and gastronomy products, the professional, multifunctional Oven Serie S is perfect for all types of businesses. This includes pizzerias, bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants, hotels, catering, and mass-market retailers.



    An energy saving masterpiece for the environment and for your wallet

    With maximum energy efficiency, SerieS is also a sustainable choice, boasting over a 35% energy saving. This is due to its exclusive technologies. An energy saving never seen before in a traditional oven, with a baking speed increased by 20% and a maximum temperature of 450°C.

    This electric professional oven is designed for those who care about the environment. But also for those who want to keep costs low from the very first bill!

    The Serie S is in fact the electric professional oven with the lowest consumption in the world. Use only the energy you need and minimize your environmental impact. Your investment will be paid back quickly with the savings!



    An electric pizza oven customizable in technology and design

    You can customize your commercial best SerieS electric pizza oven with a wide range of options. In addition to the 5+1 baking chambers available, you can choose from 5 baking chamber dimensions and 2 finishes.

    The two finishes are the Steel Version and the Icon version.

    The Serie S Steel has a remarkable style with brushed stainless-steel surfaces. It provides you with maximum cleaning ease and empowered illumination for excellent internal vision. It’s ideal for installation inside laboratories or as a contemporary-style design element.

    The Serie S Icon version offers instead high-quality materials such as oak wood for the handles and hood. It comes with increased steam extraction by 32%. It’s ideal for installation on sight as a design element.



    Overall, there are many advantages to baking in a pro commercial electric deck oven like the Serie S.

    The greatest advantages include perfect baking quality, maximum versatility with specific and modular baking chambers, the highest energy saving, and the lowest environment impact in its category. Additionally, technological features like the Weekly Power-On Timer can simplify baking processes, making work more efficient and organized.

    In a single baking chamber, the Serie S can bake up to:

    • 28 trays (60x40cm) per hour
    • 240 traditional pizzas (Ø30) per hour
    • 80 family pizzas (Ø45) per hour
    • 10 kg/h of bread
    • 36 panettoni (1kg) per hour
    • 254 croissant/h.

    This data is referred to the 1 baking chamber Serie S model S125.

    Get your hands now on the most advanced and customizable pizza oven in the world. It will take your baking needs to the next level!

    Choose Serie S from Moretti Forni and start producing the bakery goods of your dreams!

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