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    IFI’s icon, gelato display case Tonda has told the tale in over sixty countries of the world of a dream come true through the alchemy of a playful vision and cutting-edge technology, never seen before in the world of artisan gelato. The first round and rotating display case in history, capable of treating gelato to the playful dimension of the world of childhood to which it belongs, this gelato display case offers the perfect combination of ideal preservation of gelato in pozzetti counters and the appealing display of the flavours, a marvel of technology and quality which earned it an ADI Compasso d’Oro Mention and a call to be part of the Farnesina Design Collection and, above all, the unconditional love of an increasing number of artisan gelato-makers across the world.

    What are these qualities?

    1. It is a large pozzetto, which preserves gelato perfectly and offers maximum visibility of the flavours from every angle, including for children
    2. The circular movement of the pans, the hermetic closure system of gelato display case Tonda and advanced ventilation system ensure uniform temperatures between the pans, preventing gelato-makers from having to map the display case based on the temperature differences.
    3. It is fitted with the RDF system to reduce the number of defrosts, which are activated on the basis of the time the display case is actually open, benefiting the preservation of the gelato.
    4. It was designed for ergonomics and operators’ well-being: it is not the gelato-makers who move to take the flavours, but Tonda, the round display case, that brings them to the operators at their command, in a maximum of 4.5 seconds, as it can be rotated either clockwise or anti-clockwise, with an electronically-controlled pedal or manually. Operators can maintain a vertical, totally natural posture, without any need to bend their upper body over the gelato (which is also more hygienic), thus preventing any back problems.
    5. It protects operators’ health, as it avoids the need for them to put their hands or forearms into an atmosphere at a temperature between -12° and -20°, which can cause occupational illnesses (arthritis or arthrosis) in those who serve gelato from pans.
    6. Thanks to the hermetic closure system, more insulation and smart defrosts, Tonda gelato display case guarantees energy savings of up to 25%, thus helping to protecting the environment.
    7. In the version with built-in motor, the provision of wheels makes it easy to move the display case inside and outside the venue.

    ETL certified

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