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Learn how to make an outstanding, authentic Italian Gelato in this Professional Training Class to earn your customers’ love and boost your profits.

This is the most comprehensive gelato class you will ever take.

Our course, held by the top international chef Sabrina Mancin, will teach you how to make gelato through a clever combination of interactive theory and hands-on experience plus a generous sprinkle of gelato shop business management that you will only get in this class.

Differently from what you may think, driving customers into your shop for the first time is the easiest goal to achieve.

Making them eager to come back is the REAL challenge!

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✅ You’ll master the very necessary theory behind making traditional Italian gelato but in an interactive and non-boring way.

✅ You’ll learn how to make the most classic gelato and sorbet flavors which are the basis for all others.  But we don’t stop there.
We’ll also make novelty flavors and trendy combinations that are sure to sell out!

✅ You’ll have the opportunity to interact hands-on and learn how to combine ingredients, make mixes and even take gelato out of the machine. I’ll also show you some really cool decorating techniques you can use to make your display case stand out.

✅ You’ll get the chef’s latest program to calculate and balance your own recipes with just a few clicks instead of wasting time making calculations over and over again.

✅ You’ll get precious money saving tips and useful advice for your future or existing shop based on the chef’s experience as a gelato shop owner and consultant.

✅ You’ll learn to master the best gelato machines in the industry and understand which would be the best fit for your needs.

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