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November 17, 2022

Things you need to know before opening a gelato shop in the US

Are you planning to open your own gelato shop in the US?

This might be the best choice you’ll ever make, a real life changing adventure. But there’s one condition: you must be well prepared for the journey and fully aware of all the opportunities and threats you are going to face.

Here are the things you absolutely need to know before opening your ice cream shop.

How to open a successful gelato shop in the US? Tasty ice cream

The ice cream market in the US is highly profitable

Let’s start with the good news.

Ice cream in America is incredibly popular. Everyone in the US loves it!

If you walk across any park in New York, at some point you can be sure you’re going to hear the funny music of an ice cream truck parking somewhere close by. Turn your head around, and you will always see an horde of kids chasing the truck to get some scoop.

And it’s not just about kids: ice cream is a must have in any american fridge. During the summer you’ll see literally everyone walking in the streets holding an ice cream. Even during the winter you can still see a bunch of them around, especially in warm states such as Florida or California.

Moreover, the high demand for gelato is not the only reason why this is a profitable market. The second main reason has indeed to be found in the net margin: gelato is a pricey product in America, while its production doesn’t suffer from high variable costs. This makes gelato an excellent product to sell, and therefore, a very good reason to open your gelato shop.

Of course, as a consequence, there’s always a dark side of the moon.

You need to distinguish your gelato shop in a highly competitive environment

The dark side of the moon of such a profitable and rising market, is that of course you won’t be the only one around to come up with this business idea.

The number of gelato shops in the US are skyrocketing in the last decades, and the quality of gelato around is improving everyday.

In the past, unless you messed everything up somehow, opening a good gelato shop was enough to obtain a reasonable commercial success. Today the competition is quite stiffer than it used to be. Therefore, you need to plan carefully every relevant detail in order to distinguish your shop and your product from any other around.

To distinguish your shop, there are several features you can work on, such as, for example:

– The location;

– The recipes you’re going to use;

– The design and style of the shop itself.

To further explain and deepen each of these aspects, we are preparing some focused articles.

Stay tuned!

You must carefully plan your initial investments 

So, what else you need to know to open your own gelato shop?

Despite gelato’s net margins are pretty good as we said earlier, if you’re planning on opening your own gelato shop you need to carefully follow an accurate business plan.

The initial investments you will need to face before running your business might be quite remarkable. But that’s the moment when you set up your goals and you determine whether your shop will be successful or not.

The quality of your gelato, the attractiveness of your shop and consequently the number of your customers strongly depend on how carefully at the beginning you chose the right design, tools and equipment.

What tools and equipment will you need to open your gelato shop?

Ice cream makers, display cases, batch freezers, scoops, containers, spoons, spatulas, and much more: choosing the right one for each of them is a tough task that needs to be mulled over.

Pick the wrong one and you’ll incur into big issues later on.

Unfortunately, at the beginning it’s never easy to acknowledge in advance everything you will need, and get it at the best conditions.

That’s why here at MODALITA, we offer our expertise in the field to help you make the right choice. We select for you the best tools and equipment according to your needs: you can check them here.

And only for top players with top notch products, we design the shop from scratch making it a must visit gelato temple.

If you have a great project in mind and a mouth-watering product, don’t miss the chance to let us lead you towards the success you deserve.

Contact us and discover how we can help you now!

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