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December 28, 2022

What kind of gelato display case should I choose?

Different kinds of gelato display case
Display cases

One of the first things you should ask yourself when you plan on starting a new gelato business is: how to showcase my creations? What kinds of gelato display case can I choose from, and which among these suits my needs best?

Equipment is a primary asset to be adequately mulled over in order to achieve success with a gelato shop. Choosing the right equipment helps you avoid costly mistakes and technical headaches. But also, it ensures that your shop will be attractive for the right customers and it makes them leave the place with the will to come back soon.

In particular, the display case is probably the most crucial piece of equipment you will have to evaluate.

Choosing the right one will give you a huge competitive advantage, as long as you manage to strike the correct balance between certain key elements.

What you should consider while evaluating all your options

Specifically, to choose a great gelato display case you will need to consider:

1) The size of your shop’s space.
The display case’s shape and dimensions must guarantee enough floor space for your customers.

2) The type of gelato served and the features you need.

If you plan to serve soft serve gelato, you’ll need a case with a built-in soft serve machine. If you plan to serve traditional Italian gelato, you’ll need a case with a built-in refrigeration system.

Any display case is technically different and has pros and cons. Some cases have built-in lighting to make your gelato stand out, while others have built-in storage for extra supplies. Before choosing, you must have clear in mind what you will need.

3) Aesthetics: the display case is your first selling tool.

The look of your gelato display case is just as important as its functionality. Look for a case that complements the decor of your space and makes your gelato stand out.

Given these 3 key elements to keep in mind, let’s compare the best options you may choose from for your Italian artisanal gelato.

Pozzetti Style gelato display case and freezer

The Pozzetti style gelato display case is the most traditional counter, coming directly from Italy.

It’s basically a counter characterized by slots for metal tubs. The metal tubs are sealed by solid metal lids that you will need to open every time you have to scoop a flavor.

The main advantage of the traditional Pozzetti counter lies in its superior technical features. Due to its metal tubs and the lid that enshrines your artisanal gelato, Pozzetti is the best performing display case in terms of gelato preservation.

The lid shields gelato from the lights, prolonging its shelf life even overnight, and ensuring best protection against oxidation and cross contaminations.

Moreover it guarantees a more stable temperature. The lid prevents the formation of ice crystals, and allows you to serve gelato at a slightly higher temperature, which means better taste on your customer’s taste buds.

Finally, Pozzetti dipping cabinets are more energy efficient and overall more affordable.

That said, the Pozzetti style display case has just one relevant disadvantage

And that’s the fact that the metal lids don’t showcase your product.

Especially in the US, the aesthetics of gelato is a key factor to attract customers and convince them to buy some scoop. Showcasing the gelato helps them decide which flavor to try. Besides, it’s very often the main driver that allures them into the shop.

For this reason, Pozzetti style cabinets are mostly recommended if and when the gelato shop possesses a strong brand and its artisanal gelato is already well known as a quality product. In this situation, Pozzetti gives your product a perfect luxury aura.

You can check ours by clicking here.

Gelato visual display cases

Gelato visual display cases are the most popular kind of cabinets both in Europe, Italy included, and the US. 

The reason why they are so popular is clearly their appealing design and the fancy looking glass that showcases the gelato flavors. Gelato is tilted higher and that makes it more visible from the customers’ point of view.

Ultimately, a great visual display case has to be a real show stopper. At least, as long as the staff behind it is well trained to keep the gelato enticing by properly cleaning the glass and scooping the flavors with care.

On the other hand, compared to the Pozzetti ones, the best visual display cases suffer from a few technical disadvantages. As we have already pointed out, this kind of dipping cabinet offers a slightly lower protection from lights, oxidation and heat fluctuations. 

You also shouldn’t store your gelato in this kind of counter overnight. By the way this won’t be such an issue if you have a quality product, because a top class artisanal gelato has to be made fresh daily anyway.

Top notch Italian visual display cases are nowadays also extremely performing even from a technical point of view. They grant a constant airflow all around the product that allows you to work with the glass opened even during long busy days. Also, with a correct quick defrost cycle every 8 hours you can avoid ice buildup and perfectly preserve gelato for the whole day.

Overall, we recommend this kind of display case if you have a fancy looking gelato and you want to max out its attractive power.

In the US, you definitely need to catch your customer’s eye to get into their stomach and heart!

You can check our very best by clicking here.

Mobile Pozzetti + visual displays: the gelato cart revolution

Last but not least, there’s today a third kind of display case. A moving one!

As you might have already guessed, we’re talking about Tekné Italia Vintage Gelato Carts.

The carts are luxury mobile display cases that you can use outside your shop to attract customers with a unique, fancy visual. But also, a smart tool to bring your artisanal gelato everywhere.

The carts are customizable to satisfy any need, and they might combine all the advantages of Pozzetti style cabinets and visual display cases. That’s because of their top notch technicals and their unmatched appearances.

We talked about them extensively in this blog article.

What’s the best kind of gelato display case then?

Of course, there’s no such a unique answer to this issue.

All the three solutions we described are great tools to store and show a high quality gelato product. Each of them have their own pros and cons. At least, it’s important to evaluate all of them carefully before making a decision.

We at MODALiTA have already been listening to our clients’ needs for over 10 years. We always strive to give them the best advice and solutions with the goal to help them thrive.

If you have a great quality product, don’t spoil or undersell it because of avoidable mistakes.

We’re here to help you reach your goals, as many other great gelato artisans already did.

Get ready to flourish, and contact us now to get our best advice and quotes!

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