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February 8, 2023

How MODALiTA has been awarded best commercial partner in the US

What better way to kickstart the new year than getting awarded for having been the US best commercial partner in 2022?

It’s January 25th, the SIGEP finally ended. We’re packing back our stuff and getting ready to leave Rimini after five long days.

Five long days at the fair where, like every year, we had the amazing opportunity to discover many new exciting trends, and to meet a crowd of interesting people and entrepreneurs. We’re going to properly cover the SIGEP topic with a dedicated post next week.

As for now, our feet are itching from fatigue, our heads craving some rest. We’re tired, and we’re counting the hours that separate us from some well-earned sleep.

But we’re also happy. Not just because every time we land in Italy we smell the scent of home. But also because we’re heading back to New York with baggage overflowing with new experiences, know-how, and personal gratification.

Our pride and gratitude stem from realizing that every inch of our work has been worthwhile.

And one of the reasons why we feel so grateful today is that one of the leading brands in the gelato industry, our Italian top partner BRAVO, has awarded us for being the best commercial partner of the year in the US.

BRAVO gelato best commercial partner 2022
Modalita and BRAVO best retailer in the US

What does it mean to be considered “best commercial partner” in the contract industry?

The awards event took place during the BRAVO’s International Cocktail & Dinner Party. The party was set up for BRAVO International Network at the Hotel Touring in Rimini, on the evening of Monday 23rd, just after a whole day at SIGEP.

It was a very special occasion. We enjoyed spending some pleasant leisure time with the people we remotely work together with throughout the year. Also, we really want to say thank you to the whole BRAVO North America Team for giving us such a token of appreciation for our hard work.

But despite our long lasting relationship with BRAVO, getting acknowledged and therefore awarded one of the best commercial partners of the year in North America is certainly not a matter of mere sympathy.

It actually means the most important thing in this industry. We managed to drive commercial and sales results to the whole supply chain.

We’re particularly proud of this achievement because it’s the ultimate proof that working with care and dedication is the key to strive and make our clients achieve success.

This is something we have been building for years. Our commercial recipe has indeed always been pretty straightforward, and designed upon three main pillars.

1) The pickiest selection of suppliers, brands and partners.

We accurately build and regularly update our catalog to guarantee only top performing tools and machines.

Thanks to this crazy attention to quality, our clients tend to come back to us whenever they need a new item. We know indeed that the better their results, the higher will be our sales.

2) A full-range technical expertise.

We are designers, architects and engineers. Thanks to our long history expertise on the matter, we are able to provide mulled over advice for any specific situation.

We are fully aware that every client is different, and therefore it’s of uttermost importance to help any of them find the solution that fits best their needs. 

Sometimes giving correct advice is more useful and profitable than just pushing a sale. Our clients and partners know how we approach the matter and thus they don’t hesitate to refer us to their partners or colleagues.

3) Our superior customer care.

Last but not least, we put a lot of effort into customer care.

In fact, we assist our clients before, during and after purchase. Our top-notch products are well worth their price, as long as you don’t mess it up during installation.

Many among our competitors just operate as resellers, and they push sales just by slightly adjusting the prices.

Differently, our top priority is helping our clients to earn the most from their purchases and use. And we constantly strive to ensure they get support and guidance.

BRAVO best partner 2022 event

These three pillars are our secrets. Which actually, are not even secret.

If you’re looking for a reliable commercial partner that will always provide you with the best tools, advice and customer care, you know what to do.

Fill the contact form and reach out to us asap!

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