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March 1, 2023

The world’s commercial best electric pizza oven in 2023, and why you must pick one

Neapolis 9 fastest and best commercial electric pizza oven in the world
The most powerful and fastest oven in the world

What’s the best electric commercial pizza oven in 2023? This is a frequently asked question for any pizza restaurant owner who strives to make a high quality product.

However, tradition has always considered wood-fired ovens as the primary choice. Wood fired ovens have been there for millennia, and in Italy we have always preferred them to make pizza, often belittling any other kind of oven.

Nevertheless, today things are changing quickly. In this blog article, we have already explained in detail all the main differences between wood-fired and electric ovens. We pointed out the pros and cons of both, thus showing how modern electric ovens have enough fighting strength to equal, or sometimes overpower, wood fired ones.

This happens for several reasons. Firstly, electric ovens are more practical. They don’t require the same maintenance and cleaning, they allow you to keep the temperature steady all day long.

By the way, wood fired ovens still have a few hard to match strengths. They can reach higher temperatures on average, they give the traditional smoky flavor to the pizza, and they attract all those customers who still consider wood fired ovens superior.

That’s where the world’s best electric commercial pizza oven comes in.

Moretti Forni’s Neapolis is indeed a technological jewel that tips the balance and transforms electric ovens’ weaknesses into strengths.

Let’s see how and why you should pick one for your restaurant.

Why Neapolis is that superior to any other commercial pizza oven around

Temperature and power

The first and most important feature that makes Neapolis an unmatchable oven is temperature.

While a standard electric oven usually reaches an average baking temperature of 350-500°F, Neapolis is able to reach up to 950°F (510°C). Considering that a pizza must be baked at an ideal temperature of around 750-850°F, Neapolis has nothing to envy its historical wood-fired rival. 

That incredible result makes Neapolis the world’s most powerful and fastest electric oven. Neapolis 9, the biggest model, is able to bake a pizza in less than a minute, allowing you to bake up to 9 pizzas simultaneously in the same baking chamber.

The result is an outstanding performance of 240 pizzas per hour. All baked with the same, steady, heat distribution, which ensures an extraordinary baking quality for all classic, neapolitan, “ruota di carro”, high crust, and gourmet pizzas.

Needless to say, such a fast baking time isn’t just a tool for making a quality pizza. It’s also a powerful marketing tool that enables the restaurant owner to serve more guests in the same amount of time, thus potentially skyrocketing its profits.


The second key advantage that makes Neapolis the best electric pizza oven and also an extremely smart investment, lies in its design.

As we explained before, wood fired ovens still live off the fat of the land because of their fame. No matter how advanced electric ovens have become, most people still consider wood fired ovens unquestionably superior.

And that’s a big issue for pizza restaurant owners. How to persuade potential customers that the most advanced electric ovens nowadays are equal to traditional ones?

Here again, Neapolis comes in handy. Moretti Forni has in fact designed its flagship product with a vintage design that recalls tradition and gives the same vibes as a classic, wood fired oven. And therefore, helping bypass the “cheap” prejudices that still float around electric ovens.

Besides, its chromatic choice, the exclusive materials chosen and its refined finishes resemble a post-industrial style that fits greatly in any upscale, good looking restaurant.

The particular vintage hood and the black granite working shelf identify Neapolis as a contemporary industrial icon.

Energy efficiency

The third key strength of Moretti Forni’s Neapolis is its cost efficiency.

At the state of the art, this oven is a real investment that helps you both make and save money. Every part and piece of it has properly been designed in order to maximize its efficiency. 

The baking chamber of refractory bricks has coiled heating elements inserted inside ceiling and floor bricks. That guarantees perfect heat calibration. Also, for the same purpose, the oven provides a high-density insulation. Due to its Cool Around Technology, the heat is confined inside, whereas the external surfaces remain cold and safe for the user.

In addition, Neapolis’ Moisture System minimizes consumption and heat dispersion thanks to its adjustable deflectors. The baking chamber keeps the right level of moisture. The thick stainless steel removable door eases the power-up of the oven.

The Eco Stand By System allows you to set the oven to standby during your work pauses in order to save consumptions. You’ll need just a click to make it run again!

During use, Neapolis counts on a sophisticated software that manages power and reduces consumption to the absolute minimum. Neapolis 6 operates with an energy consumption of just 6,5 Kw/h, Neapolis 9 with just 6,8 Kw/h.

Moretti Forni Logo
Moretti Forni’s best electric pizza ovens

Then what should you do for your pizza restaurant?

Do you want yours to be a successful, top range pizza restaurant? Then believe in it yourself first. The pizza oven is your main marketing tool: make more customers, make them happy, and raise your standards to elevate your business above the competition.

That’s why, if you choose for a commercial electric pizza oven, you should probably consider to pick the best one.

Here at MODALiTA, we offer the best quotes for Neapolis and the other first class Moretti Forni ovens.

And due to our expertise on the matter, we are able to guarantee you after purchase customer service for installation, as well as first use setting and maintenance.

Get your quote now and discover how we can help you make your business grow!

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