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March 9, 2023

Tekné Italia’s brand new game changing luxury vintage food cart: Ki-One

As we anticipated in our latest post about SIGEP 2023, the Italian brand Tekné Italia has released a new luxury vintage food cart, the Ki-One.

Ki-One is only the newest among the tremendous innovations that Tekné has introduced into the food business. As we always point out, regular food carts themselves are not a big deal: they have been used for decades and they usually are recognized as simple tools for moving vendors outdoors.

Tekné Italia managed to create a fresh new dimension for food carts.

The Bonarrigo Family intuited indeed that they could not confine food carts within the boundaries of the low-ticket market. Therefore, they transformed them into luxury, vintage, high-end displays for any kind of culinary masterpiece.

They are real money-making machines that allow any upscale food business to showcase their creation everywhere. Events, commercial districts, caterings: such trendy and elegant carts are today used all around the world to highlight worthy products and bring them wherever their customers are.

Ki-One is not an exception. As a matter of fact, it further develops this concept by enlarging the audience of businesses that might benefit from a luxury food cart.

Let’s see how and why.

Tekné Italia new Luxury Vintage Food Cart Ki-One

Ki-One luxury vintage food cart is a tool to maximize your investment

In what way Ki-One differentiates itself from the other Tekné Italia’s luxury food carts?

Whilst Katerina and Procopio are the leading products in Tekné’s catalog, Ki-One has been developed as the third, smart alternative.

This is due to its main technical update. Ki-One cart in fact makes use of the same technology of Katerina and Procopio, but requires a lower budget to implement and maintain. Thanks to its glycol–based system, it manages to save on consumption without compromising on the outcomes.

Its technological excellence is based on several improvements, mainly linked to the new glycol system.

Ki-One’s new glycol system

The new Pozzetti glycol system is a highly efficient and effective solution, due to its glycol basin. 

This system utilizes a mixture of water and glycol, while a heat exchanger regulates the temperature of the basin. The glycol acts as a heat transfer fluid, and a refrigeration unit controls the temperature.

One of the major benefits of the glycol refrigeration lies in its outstanding energy efficiency. Unlike most traditional temperature control methods, which continuously run the refrigeration unit to maintain a constant temperature, the glycol system operates on a demand-based approach.

Once the desired temperature is reached, the compressor shuts off. When the glycol begins to lose its cooling effect, the compressor restarts. This feature significantly reduces useless energy consumption and helps to rebalance operating costs.

Another advantage of Ki-One’s Pozzetti glycol system is its ability to provide excellent temperature control. The glycol’s constant circulation ensures that the temperature remains consistent and stable throughout the basin.

Ki-One is functional, efficient and customizable

The whole Ki-One is crafted and assembled to be functional and highly efficient from any point of view. As a consequence, the cart grants for instance an energetical autonomy that swings around 8 or 9 hours, thus making it ideal for an entire business day and any kind of event.

It’s also able to contain and keep a considerable amount of gelato throughout the day, given its capacity of 60 kg of ice cream.

Moreover, it comes with a complete set of pieces and accessories that make its performances equal to those of Katerina and Procopio.

The carapina are made of stainless steel and are provided with an anti-rotation system.

The curtain awning structure comprises stainless steel and aluminum and features white nautical fabric.

The wash portioner is a complete system with a washer sink, quick couplings, battery and pump.

Ki-One is also fully customizable vintage food cart. You can choose between 24-karat gold bath cups and silver chromed cups; you can add, if you want, a breath guard made of stainless steel and glass shelves. And most important, you can customize the cart with your branding, logo, and colors.

Design and possible use

Ki-One’s design preserves the same spirit and identity of its older siblings Katerina and Procopio. It’s elegant, vintage and recalls the carts that typically came out from the Italian tradition.

The iconic Pozzetti counter, with its shiny gold or silver cups, is extremely eye-catching and lures customers from a distance. 

Also, Ki-One’s design makes it highly flexible in terms of use. In fact the user can easily dismantle the tent, and thus use the pozzetto counter directly inside their shop.

As a matter of fact, Ki-One can be used with no limits of situations or locations. It’s ideal for both indoors and outdoors, you can use it inside your shop, or bring it to a park or a specific event.

Why would your business highly benefit from a Ki-One Luxury Cart?

Once more, it really seems that Tekné Italia managed to hit the mark again.

The Ki-One cart is a smart product for those smart businesses that have the vision and ambition to bring excellent products to a vast audience of customers.

In particular, Ki-One seems to be an excellent investment for three main reasons.

1) It makes you make money by allowing your first class food business to enlarge its potential audience of customers;

2) It helps you to save money with a technology that enables a terrific energy saving;

3) It spreads your shop’s awareness by bringing your brand anywhere your potential customers are.

It is anything but surprising that following its formal release at SIGEP 2023, we already received several requests and orders for the new Ki-One vintage food cart. First movers are always those who end up earning the major returns on their investments.

If you want to be among one of these wise entrepreneurs, don’t waste your time and reach out to us. We’re the official partners of Tekné Italia in the US and we always provide the best advice and customer care. 

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