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March 30, 2023

What’s the Equipment needed to Make Gelato? 3+1 must-have Items for your Gelato Shop

Equipment needed to make gelato for ice cream parlor

What’s the basic equipment needed to make gelato?

If you’re planning on starting your own gelato business, well, congratulations! Opening a gelato shop can be a deeply rewarding and exciting experience that might change your life for the better. But if you want that change to be positive, you need to take your first steps in the right direction.

During this initial stage, please remember that it is perfectly normal to be a little confused. With so many options on the market and new things to learn, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

And even the most basic questions are 100% legit!

One among the most frequent ones is certainly the one that concerns the equipment needed to make gelato. Where to start the shopping list of the must-have items for any gelato shop that aspires to achieve success?

In this blog post we’ve compiled for you a short list of the 3 (plus a bonus one) most important pieces of equipment and items you absolutely need to start your gelato business from scratch.

The most important pieces of equipment and items needed to start your gelato business

The first thing you must understand before buying ANY piece of equipment, is the reason why you need any of them.

Basically, a gelato shop requires 3 things to thrive.

1) It has to be attractive to lure a lot of new customers. Especially at the beginning when nobody knows you and your gelateria, the parlor has to be somehow a magnet for people willing to try a new frozen treat.

2) It has to offer a very good product in order to make the newcomers become loyal and frequent customers. No local business can survive the market if it doesn’t earn a solid quality reputation around the neighborhood.

3) Last but not least, a blooming shop needs a good marketing strategy able to sustain both the customer acquisition and retention processes.

As a direct consequence, the choice of the following tools has to be made to secure these key success factors.

Gelato display case

To attract customers that have never heard about you yet, it’s important for your shop to have a pleasant and catchy look.

The best action you can take here is hiring a team of experts to design your dream shop. Here at Modalita we know in detail what different kinds of customers search for in a shop. Click here to find several examples of marvelous gelato parlors we crafted and led to success!

Speaking instead about equipment, the key item to attract customers is always the gelato display case. Pick it with extreme care. A beautiful and functional display case is in fact essential to showcase your mouth watering creations.

We suggest you choose a display case that is well-lit and has a large viewing area to allow customers to easily see the uniqueness of your gelato flavors. This will be the first presentation of your product, you may not want to mess it up!

In addition, don’t forget the display case should also have an efficient cooling system to keep your gelato at the optimal temperature and consistency throughout the day.

Tip: When choosing a display case, consider the size and layout of your store, the number of flavors you plan to offer, and your budget. If you don’t, you may incur into deadly and costly mistakes!

Gelato machine (Batch Freezer)

A high-quality gelato machine is the heart and soul of your gelato shop.

It’s the most important piece of equipment needed to craft your gelato shop’s products. Its quality and efficiency is literally key to ensure the quality flavor and texture you need for your frozen desserts. Making the right choice here will make you see the faces of your customers again and again!

Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a machine that fits your production needs. That’s why what you’re looking for is a batch freezer. We’ve covered the topic of batch freezers in depth here.

When choosing a gelato machine, keep in mind that a good one should have a reliable refrigeration system and be capable of producing a consistent and creamy product.

Also, choose one that is easy to use and clean to minimize your efforts. 

Even more important to consider are the size and capacity of the batch freezer, the power source and the customer service options that your supplier is able to guarantee you. You don’t want to find yourself forced to pause production for some silly, easy to fix machine issue!

Everyday gelato tools: ingredient storage containers, scoops and spatulas

After choosing the display case and batch freezer that fit best your needs, it’s time to provide yourself with all the everyday tools and items needed to run your shop on a daily basis.

To serve a lot of customers and at the same time to guarantee them maximum quality without sacrificing your yields, you would probably want to make your work easier and cost-efficient. 

Therefore, you’ll have to take into great consideration how to correctly store ingredients, and how to serve your customers better. Proper ingredient storage is crucial for the quality and freshness of your gelato.

Our suggestion is to invest in high-quality ingredient storage containers that are airtight, durable, and easy to clean. Make sure to label and organize your ingredients to boost efficiency and avoid cross-contamination. With clear and stackable containers you can save space and easily identify ingredients. 

Also, choose high-quality, durable gelato scoops and spatulas that are comfortable to use and easy to clean, in order to save time in your everyday work. Stainless steel is a great option for its durability and ease of cleaning.

Bonus item: Your personal gelato recipe book

The bonus item we suggest you to have in your shop is not exactly an item or a piece of equipment. But still, it’s one of the most crucial tools needed for your gelato shop.

We’re talking about Your Own gelato recipe book!

That means your own, personal source of technical guidelines and expertise that will make you different from any other gelato shop around. Customers will come back to your shop if you are able to amuse them with special, yummy, flavors that will set you apart.

Master the techniques and find your way to be unique. Don’t be afraid to be creative once you have mastered the basics!

Always invest in a quality gelato recipe book and make it yours. Then customize it and train to hone your skills and perfect your recipes! Also look for resources that cover basic techniques as well as advanced flavor combinations and seasonal trending flavors.

Don’t miss the chance to attend workshops or classes to learn from experts and gain hands-on experience.

This is probably the single most important key for your success.

That’s why at Modalita we are scheduling some incredible, comprehensive, hand-on gelato training classes with some of the top international gelato chefs.

Don’t miss this priceless chance to transform your dream into a profitable business!

Book your seat now before it gets too late!

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