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July 17, 2023

These vintage luxury food carts are real MASTERPIECES!

What distinguishes top-class luxury food carts from common, random ones?

Well, the distinction lies in every aspect.

Although both serve as mobile vending units, a common food cart is just that – basic and cheap. A luxury cart, on the other hand, is an entirely different class of its own.

As we’ll never cease to point out, a luxury food cart is in fact far beyond just a moving tool for selling products. It’s an extension of your brand and a way to create a unique, memorable, experience for your customers. A beautifully designed food cart indeed can literally lure a crowd of customers without compromising on your brand identity.

The result is an obvious boost to your sales and profits, but also a wider awareness for your brand.

In this blog post, we want to stress the importance of having a moving vending tool that will make you proud of your business. Since the Italian visionary company Tekné Italia brought its revolution to the US and worldwide, hundreds of entrepreneurs in the food industry have succeeded at bringing their creations to a new dimension.

Therefore, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most beautiful luxury food carts we have ever sold.

How they have helped our clients increase their sales and improve their customer experience will be immediately crystal clear. From sleek and modern designs to classic and elegant models, these carts are way more than just a pretty face. Their design comes with practicality in mind. And that makes them a valuable asset to any food vendor who wants to take their business to the next level.

Their stories are an example and an inspiration.

Our very best luxury food carts

As the official partner of Tekné Italia in the US, during these years we have had the pleasure of working with some of the most luxurious and high-end food vendors. We helped them to craft their own customized luxury food carts, thus highlighting their delicacies and getting them ready to the market.

Here’s a special selection of some of our favorite ones. Real stunning masterpieces of design and technology.

1) Eataly

Eataly Procopio and Katerina gelato carts

Eataly, Oscar Farinetti’s worldwide famous chain, offers an unparalleled culinary experience that’s not to be missed. The Italian marketplace was indeed created to revolutionize the distribution of high-quality organic products. Its focus has always been on values such as sustainability, responsibility, and sharing.

Moreover, as part of their authentic Italian cuisine, Eataly offers a fine selection of cannolis and gelato. We provided Eataly with several Tekné Italia’s luxury carts, Katerina P and Procopio, to help the brand better showcase their delectable desserts.

2) Shy Guy Gelato

Shy Guy minimal Katerina ice cream cart

According to Tim Elliot, one of the co-owners of Shy Guy Gelato, their food cart is the “nicest thing” they own. And honestly, their most prized possession is definitely a jewel.

At Modalita, we were delighted to supply Shy Guy with a beautifully crafted Procopio P cart. And that’s because that masterpiece allowed them to carry and sell their wonderfully delicious, all-natural gelato with ease and elegance.

3) Sushi 

Vintage Luxury Sushi Carts

The astonishing killer feature that make all the vintage, luxury Tekné Italia carts truly unique, is surely how they grant you endless customization possibilities.

Born and often used for ice creams and gelato, they can fulfill any food or drink business’ purpose.

This is exactly the case of our sushi carts, a marvelous blend of elegance and technical efficiency. They enshrine the true minimal spirit of Japan, and at the same time they allow you to showcase your sushi jewels granting flawless storage and visual impact.

4) Osteria Salina

Osteria Salina Procopio gelato luxury carts

This mesmerizing Procopio gelato cart is a true marvel that speaks for itself. Situated at Osteria Salina, an Italian restaurant in Wainscott, this remarkable creation effortlessly enhances their outdoor space, captivating all who lay eyes on it.

This charming cart embodies vintage elegance, evoking nostalgic memories of past generations while incorporating a touch of modernity. Its allure is a genuine moving masterpiece, reminiscent of our grandparents’ era and yet infused with contemporary flair.

5) Sant Ambroeus

Sant Ambroueus vintage gelato cart Katerina

Sant Ambreous brought Milan to Palm Beach. After designing their interiors and providing them with a wonderful display case, we helped them to showcase their fancy gelato also outdoors.

The cart is an elegant Katerina model. 

6) Four Seasons Resort

Four Seasons Tekné Italia luxury gelato cart

This gorgeous Katerina gelato cart makes its scene in the Ocean Club, a mesmerizing Four Season resort in the Bahamas.

Its minimal and upscale design is enlightened by a deep blue that recalls the ocean. Also, its gold decorations give the cart an exclusive appeal, consistent with the superior fanciness of the resort and its location.

7) Angelina Paris

Angelina Paris, beautiful vintage luxury pastry carts

Angelina Pris is an historical french pasticceria that brims with cherished memories of indulgent moments and delectable pauses. Its exquisite lounges are nestled in the bustling heart of Parisian elegance and today all over the world.

For 120 years until today, Angelina has delighted connoisseurs of sweet delights from around the globe while meticulously upholding time-honored traditions. Undoubtedly, from its iconic Mont-Blanc dessert to its renowned hot chocolate, Angelina showcases an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Stepping into the tea room, adorned with Belle Époque décor, transports visitors to a bygone era, as the heritage and expertise are dutifully passed down through generations. This Procopio Vision enlights this french beauty and brings it into the US.

8) Thierry Atlan

Thierry Atlan, vintage elegant food cart by Tekné Italia

Thierry Atlan has swiftly gained recognition as one of the finest macaron artisans, renowned for bringing the highest-quality French Macarons to the United States.

In fact, with a focus on employing special techniques and carefully selecting almonds from California, this french pastry maintains superior quality and demonstrates unwavering dedication. Thierry Atlan ensures that each macaron he produces guarantees an unparalleled taste experience and exceptional quality.

This beautiful Procopio cart showcases these delectable macarons in SOHO, Manhattan.

Get your hands on our luxury food carts and bring your products everywhere you want

Whether you’re a food truck owner, a catering business, a gelato shop, or a sushi restaurant looking to expand your reach, a wonderful food cart can help your brand stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of your customers.

Luxury food carts don’t only look stunning, but also offer a bunch of practical benefits.

In fact, they’re real technologically based money making machines on wheels. Also, you can customize them to showcase, store and refrigerate your own creation depending on your specific needs.

Therefore, if you’re actually looking to expand your business or bring it where your potential customers are, do not hesitate.

Contact us immediately and discover what options fit best your needs and how we can help you fulfill your goals.

Fill in the form and reach out to us for our best advice and quote!

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