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July 24, 2023

How to choose the best visual display case for your gelato shop

Telling what’s the best visual display case and therefore choosing one that perfectly fits your gelato shop, is no easy task.

Picking one that meets all your specific needs is in fact one of the most important decisions you’ll eventually need to make.

In a previous blog post, we have already explained how to pick the right kind of display case. Visual ones, Pozzetti and Carts are all suitable options depending on your shop’s priorities.

In this new article, we want to further address the topic of visual cabinets.

Gelato visual display cases are in fact incredibly popular in Europe, particularly in Italy, as well as in the US. They are renowned for their appealing design and the fancy-looking glass that showcases the various gelato flavors. This is, above all, their key feature.

However, not all visual display cases are equal, and it’s crucial to choose the perfect one for your shop. A great display case should be a real showstopper, catching the eye of your customers and making your gelato look as enticing as possible. Of course, this also depends on a variety of reasons.

For instance, your staff’s ability to keep the glass clean and scoop the flavors with care. But also how your flavors are colored and eye-catching.

In the US, catching your customer’s eye is crucial to getting them to try your product, and a beautiful display case can help you do just that.

Best visual display case for gelato shop

Pros and cons of the best visual display cases

Compared to other types of display cases, visual ones have some technical disadvantages.

Pozzetti display cases have for instance slightly higher safeguarding properties from lights, oxidation, and heat fluctuations. You shouldn’t store your gelato in a visual counter overnight either, although this won’t be an issue if you have a top-class, artisanal product that needs to be made fresh daily anyway.

Fortunately, top-notch Italian visual display cases such as IFI‘s are incredibly performing even from a technical point of view. They provide a constant airflow around the product, allowing you to work with the glass opened even during long, busy days. Additionally, with a correct quick defrost cycle every eight hours, you can avoid ice buildup and perfectly preserve gelato for the whole day.

Let’s see now which are the best Italian visual display cases and how you should pick one among them.


IFI’s TONDA gelato display case is an iconic masterpiece that has earned its success in over sixty countries worldwide. It combines the craftsmanship of a playful vision with cutting-edge technology. The result? Something never seen before in the artisan gelato world.

Tonda is in fact the first-ever round and rotating display case.

This way, it adds a playful dimension to the world of childhood, to which gelato belongs. This innovative display case seamlessly combines the ideal gelato preservation of Pozzetti counters with the attractive display of flavors. 

It’s no mystery why TONDA has earned numerous accolades, including an ADI Compasso d’Oro Mention and a place in the Farnesina Design Collection.

In general, we suggest you pick a TONDA display case if you want to put in your shop a real piece of design. Especially if you’re looking for a playful piece to attract customers, and better if young.

TONDA’s rotation allows you to scoop gelato with improved ease, and also to better showcase the product to any customer.

Tonda IFI's round gelato display


IFI’s JOLLY is the world’s first free-standing professional display case that boasts the revolutionary Hybrid Cooling Technology.

It’s an overall great display case also in terms of design, easy on the eyes and fresh enough to make the products well-visible from a distance.

But its uniqueness is mainly technological. With its supplementary refrigeration source, Jolly sets a new standard in the industry. That is due to its HCS hermetic technology (Hi-performance Closure System).

This cutting-edge technology indeed ensures continuous chilling even during the defrost cycle. Its timer regulates the defrost cycle every 6 hours, and only when the glass is actually opened. 

This is a real breakthrough in the field, since an average cheap display case runs a defrost cycle every 4 hours, thus causing a thermal shock for the gelato.

This innovative feature instead not only provides consistent temperature control but also protects your gelato from thermal shock. This way it preserves its appearance, flavor, and sensory properties unaltered.

Although it’s always better to store gelato in a freezer at the end of the day, JOLLY is so technologically advanced that you can even leave the product inside overnight without any relevant damage to the gelato.

Jolly Black - minimal design gelato furniture


Another exceptional horizontal visual display case we often suggest is IFI’s CLOUD

Its uniqueness lies in its glass technology. Thanks to its unique system, the gelato appears to be suspended in a cloud of light. This light can alter its hue and brightness at will from any perspective.

Additionally, the backlit base, which diminishes in size from top to bottom, gives the impression of the entire display case being elevated by the same light.

From a technologically point of view, Cloud is a top-notch masterpiece.

Due to its innovative combination of the RDF and HCS system, you can say goodbye to unnecessary defrosts. By detecting in fact the time the display case is open, the system activates defrosts only when necessary.

The result is an optimal gelato preservation. This way every scoop is as fresh as the first.

Highly recommended if you’re looking for a first-rate tool to run effectively a wide, crowdy shop.

Cloud IFI display

4. Lumière

Lumière is another masterpiece by IFI.

It’s a new multi-service showcase that fits a wide range of needs and kinds of products. 

As the very best visual display cases by IFI, it features the HCS closure and defrost system. But overall, its killer feature that makes it unique is its peculiar slope.

The display case in fact boasts a unique slope that allows customers to admire gelato from any height or perspective. Thanks to that, any customer can experience an alluring presentation that showcases flavors in the best possible way.

As a consequence, the spotlight is always on gelato, offering a complete and appealing sensory experience.

We highly recommend Lumière if you’re looking for a mix of high-end design and flawless technology.

These 4 visual display cases are only some of the very best on the market.

At MODALiTA we have a wide catalog of display cases you may choose from. All of them have  been accurately selected by us among the very best in class. Here you can find many more that may fit your needs!

Lumiere icecream display

I’m still a little bit undecided. What should I do before picking a visual display case?

Don’t worry, it’s normal! We hope through this blog post we have helped you at least to clear your confusion on the matter. Anyway, there are a lot of different options you may evaluate to match your special needs.

Therefore, if you’re still undecided about which visual display case to choose for your gelato shop, we understand. It’s a significant investment both in terms of money and future outcomes. It’s perfectly understandable that you want to make sure you’re making the right decision! 

That’s why we’re here to help. With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers under our belt, we know how to address any specific situation.

What we do everyday is to provide entrepreneurs with the highest quality, top-notch professional food equipment tailored for their own needs.

At MODALiTA, we’re committed to your success.

We understand the importance of having the right tools to run a successful business, and we’re passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

So if you’re looking for customized advice and quotes for your shop, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Our team of experts is ready to help you make the right decision and choose the perfect visual display case for your needs.

Fill in the form and contact us today to learn more!

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