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August 4, 2023

This luxury ice cream cart is revolutionizing the ice cream shop market in the US

How can an ice cream cart revolutionize the market?

Summer is the season of sun-kissed days and leisurely strolls. And as summer approaches, the outdoors beckon people to embrace its warmth and joy.

On the one hand, the allure of frozen treats remains irresistible. Ice cream shops often attract customers just by working as refreshing shelters from the summer heat. On the other hand though, people love to spend time outdoors and that can turn into a disincentive to purchase.

Most of the ice cream shops find in fact themselves confined within their walls, missing out on a myriad of potential customers passing by.

This is no mystery.

In NYC we’re all familiar with the traditional ice cream trucks whose catchy song resonates all across parks and playgrounds. They go around every place where kids gather to play. Because they all know that the need for ice cream most of the time comes when you’re outdoors and a delicious frozen treat suddenly pops up in front of you.

But ice cream trucks are clearly focused on the kids.

What about the adults? And what about other city areas or more adult-shaped ice cream and frozen products?

For the ice cream shops who want to lure all kinds of customers, from families to kids, or adults looking for a fancy frozen dessert, there’s another solution, tailored for their needs.

A solution that is already revolutionizing the market and that has already been chosen by thousands of first class brands all over the world.

We’re obviously talking about the luxury vintage carts by Tekné Italia.

Beautifully crafted moving Italian design jewels able to store, showcase and bring around all kinds of foods. A real passepartout to boost sales and bring your products outdoors as well as to events, caterings, and so on.

Anyway, this is no news. We’ve already written a lot about these technological masterpieces.

The real news we’ll cover today is another one: Tekné Italia is finally launching a brand new version, a specifically crafted cart for ice cream in the US market.

The ultimate solution for your ice cream business

1) Branding opportunities to help your shop stand out

In a competitive market, making a lasting impression is crucial.

Tekné Italia has understood this. That’s why their new Ice Cream Cart offers visually appealing aesthetics with a full optional customization opportunity. By branding your own cart with your logo and colors, you can bring your identity everywhere, giving a boost to your brand awareness.

You won’t just increase your sales at events, caterings or wherever you’ll want. You’ll also associate your brand with those events and places. 

A luxury cart will raise your ice cream’s reputation, letting your frozen creations speak for themselves and drawing in customers with your unique branding.

2) Spacious Gallon Tubs for infinite ice cream flavors

As we mentioned earlier, this new cart line is specifically crafted for ice cream in the US.

At the heart of the American line of ice cream carts lies in fact a brilliant design feature. We’re talking about the presence of specially designed compartments to hold gallon-sized tubs.

This opens up a world of possibilities for offering a wide variety of ice cream flavors to satisfy even the most discerning ice cream enthusiasts. Whether in fact existent gelato carts feature smaller carapinas to preserve its texture, ice cream requires wider tubs.

As a consequence,  this cart lets you showcase a number of flavors from classic favorites to unique and tantalizing seasonal creations. It’s the perfect tool to unleash your creativity and keep customers coming back for more.

Choose the perfect luxury ice cream cart for your own business

The new line of ice cream carts for the US market comes in all the three classic Tekné Italia’s carts shapes. Each of them caters to specific needs and allows you to pick the one that fits best your own shop and goals.


Procopio is the most iconic and beloved luxury cart from Tekné Italia, today making its scene all over the world.

This cart boasts an impressive capacity of up to 30 gallons. Moreover, it ensures over 8 hours of guaranteed autonomy, making it the epitome of flexibility. It’s indeed suitable for any type of business.

It’s commonly the cart you would crave to keep in your shop’s outdoors.

 Procopio ice cream cart


Katerina is a brand’s elegant, chic and classic cart.

Its compact shape and high-level performance make Katerina the ideal vehicle for catering and events. It’s the cart you would want to bring your brand to the most relevant scenes.

It grants a generous 6 hours of autonomy and it effortlessly serves up to 400 servings with just one load.

Katerina ice cream cart


Ki-One is the latest luxury cart landed on the market.

Practical and maneuverable, it’s a smart solution tailored to meet the exacting demands of ice cream professionals.

Ki-One presents a compact design that guarantees more than 8 hours of autonomy while carrying up to 22 gallons of frozen goodness.

Ki-One ice cream cart

Indulge, Innovate, Inspire: be an early bird to elevate your ice cream shop!

This new line of ice cream carts by Tekné Italia promises to transform the way ice cream is enjoyed in the US market. From the variety of flavors it can hold to its diverse shapes catering to different needs, this cart is indeed truly a masterpiece of innovation.

With at least one of them you get the opportunity to indulge your customers, innovate with diverse flavors, and inspire with the visual appeal of your branded cart.

And more importantly, such a luxury ice cream cart is a visionary, long term investment for your business, since it amplifies your sales and dignifies your product. A luxury cart is in fact a tool to present your ice cream as an above-the-line, yummy, first class treat.

As a consequence, whether you’re an established gelato shop or an aspiring entrepreneur, this cart will be a game changer. It will finally empower your business to offer an unparalleled tasteful experience. 

It’s definitely no surprise that ice cream shops from every corner of the globe, spanning from the US to Australia, are ardently vying to secure at least one of these money making machines for themselves!

At MODALiTA we’re the Official Tekné Italia’s Partners in the US. So you can expect to find with us the very best quotes on the market and post-purchase technical support.

Fill in the form now to get more info and quotes!

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