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September 4, 2023

Learn how to bake an authentic Neapolitan pizza at this Masterclass on September 7!

Are you eager to learn how to craft a true, authentic Napoli-style pizza for your pizzeria? If that’s the case, that’s great news for you since we’re launching an exclusive FREE pizza masterclass!

But why are we doing that?

The Italian city where I’m writing this post from right now has an interesting pizza-related story. Until 10 years ago, this small seaside city in Southern Italy had plenty of pizzerias, like any other similar Italian city or town.

Among those there were some fairly acceptable pizzerias, but most of them were a bunch of indistinguishable others. Pizza was of course pretty good in Italy overall, but if you were looking to have a taste of the REAL ONE, you had to go to Naples. No other options allowed.

The very best pizza in the city where I am writing from right now was far below the average in Naples.

But eventually, something has changed.

A new pizzeria, with a top class pizza chef from Naples, finally opened here. Its success was as fast as lightning, with never ending lines outside the doors. The city’s competition literally blew up. New pizza chefs from Naples arrived into the city and opened their own shops; even local pizza makers went to Naples to improve their recipes before coming back and opening their new shops.

Today, after just a few years, the city is literally packed with astonishingly great, authentic, Neapolitan pizzas.

And the very same thing is happening right now in NYC, and in all the US.

The quality bar is rising quickly: more and more top level pizza restaurants are popping up in the US. Today in the US we have greatly better equipment, electric ovens have surpassed wood-fired ones, and the know-how is rapidly improving.

This is surely great news for customers and pizza lovers! Nevertheless, the competition is getting stiffer for operators.

And it’s (also) our fault. Because we are raising the bar.

That’s why, together with the top Italian brand Moretti Forni, we are launching this game-changing Pizza Masterclass on September 7th!

Pizza Masterclass in NYC with the chef Diego Vitagliano

Why should you join the Pizza Masterclass?

If one or more of the following goals fits your interests, you should definitely participate at this event.

1. Outrun the competition with your new opening

You’ll learn how to set up an explosive flavorful pizza that will immediately earn a spot in your neighborhood’s customers’ heart and mind. Distinguishing yourself from your competitors with a proper Neapolis pizza can indeed build your road towards success.

2. Elevate your existing business through enhanced taste

This Masterclass is crafted to be a deep dive into the secrets that set Neapolitan pizza apart. You’ll learn the nuances of creating that signature high crust, soft yet chewy texture, and the perfect balance of flavors that define a true Neapolitan masterpiece.

3. Get hands-on guidance and precious insights from a top class pizza chef

Receive personalized guidance from the top class chef Diego Vitagliano himself. Experience step-by-step demonstrations, practical tips, and insider techniques garnered by the chef  through years of dedication to the art. You’ll also learn about perfect dough preparation and oven management.

Who is the pizza chef Diego Vitagliano

Diego Vitagliano is first of all a beacon of innovation in the realm of traditional pizza craftsmanship. Born in 1985, he stands as a prominent figure among the new generation of young pizza artisans, heralding a fresh era of culinary excellence.

Diego’s accolades are a testament to his mastery. Among them, he clinched the prestigious 1st place in Italy’s 50 Top Pizza competition in 2023, a monumental triumph that underscored his exceptional skills. His journey to acclaim also includes being crowned as the Dough Master in 2022 and the recipient of the esteemed 3 Spicchi accolade from Gambero Rosso in 2021-2022.

Renowned for his innovative spirit, Diego in fact redefines the boundaries of traditional Neapolitan pizza. He employs premium raw materials and pushes the limits of dough manipulation to create pizzas that are a harmonious marriage of heritage and contemporary culinary artistry.

During the Masterclass you’ll also be captivated by his signature creation. A symphony of tradition and modernity blended together in a new signature pizza creation that will be only temporarily available on the menu of the event host Simò Pizza.

Modalita and Diego Vitagliano, #1 of the Top 50 Pizza Chef

The Event’s Schedule

🍕 11:00 AM

Moretti Forni CEO, Mario Moretti, introduces the revolutionary Neapolis electric oven. Topic: how Neapolis is the future of pizza.

🍕 11:15 AM

Masterclass with Diego Vitagliano. You’ll learn all the tips, insights and secrets of how to make and bake the perfect high crust, soft Neapolitan pizza using Neapolis.

🍕 Signature Pie Reveal

Presentation of Diego’s unique pizza creation for Simò Pizza, available on their menu for a week only.

🍕 12:30 PM

Lunchtime! You’ll delight yourself enjoying freshly baked pizzas, including Diego’s special pie. You’ll also have the precious chance to chat with the Chef and ask him for further tips and questions.

Don’t forget to RSVP now to participate at this unmissable FREE Pizza Masterclass!

Attending such a Masterclass, held by the #1 pizza chef on 50 Top Pizza, is undoubtedly an opportunity you cannot miss. And on top of that, the event is sponsored by Moretti Forni and MODALiTA, and as such, totally FREE OF CHARGE.

The event will take place on September 7 at Simò Pizza, 75 University Place, New York, NY 10003.

Keep in mind that the event is exclusively open to HORECA professionals, including pizza makers, restaurateurs, food entrepreneurs and food influencers.

Also, you can absolutely feel free to bring someone with you.

Since our seats are limited, we just kindly ask you to reserve a spot for you and any other guest you’ll bring with you.

You can RSVP at this link, or alternatively, you can drop an email to

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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