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September 13, 2023

Diego Vitagliano in NYC taught us how to make a great pizza and it’s been a sold-out success

How to make a great pizza is the art that any proper pizza restaurant needs to master in order to thrive.

And this is the reason why last week, on Sep 7, we set up an incredible event together with Moretti Forni to help the related Ho.Re.Ca professionals improve their pizza baking skills. 

The event took place at Simò Pizza (74 University Place, New York). And we have to say a huge Thank You to our friends from Simò Pizza for letting us bring such a stream of people into their shop. The Masterclass has in fact been a tremendous success, a sold-out way beyond our wildest expectations.

At the end of the day, we gathered more than 40 people, all kinds of professionals in the industry. Among them, pizza makers, restaurant owners, food influencers, entrepreneurs: a wide range of experts that got the chance to learn the secrets behind crafting a masterpiece dough.

How to make pizza at Vitagliano Masterclass

For this achievement we also have to say thank you to Moretti Forni, the leading Italian brand that is quickly revolutionizing the pizza industry with its unprecedented top tier equipment.

Their commitment to quality is truly making pizza makers’ life better with their steady innovation and outstanding product development. It’s a pleasure and an honor for us at MODALiTA to represent them in the US.

But even more, we have to say thank you to the real hero of the day, the top pizza visionary chef Diego Vitagliano. He’s been the one who shared with all of us his award-winning expertise and made this event so successful.

The top Pizza Master Chef Diego Vitagliano

Diego Vitagliano, a pizza maestro born in 1985 in Naples, is a prominent figure among the new generation of young pizza artisans. As we already mentioned in last week’s post, his impressive list of accolades includes earning the 1st place in Italy for the 2023 Edition of the 50 Top Pizza and the esteemed 3 Spicchi Gambero Rosso in 2021-2022.

With an unyielding passion for dough craftsmanship, Diego’s pizza artistry melds contemporary innovation with the rich Neapolitan tradition. As a true Neapolitan native, Diego embarked on his culinary journey when he was just sixteen. He started as a humble pizza delivery boy first, and then worked in a rotisserie.

It was his father who prompted his initiation into the world of pizzaiolo. It happened when he assured him that baking pizza “is the one profession where you’ll always find employment.” Afterwards, Diego honed his craft in various pizzerias until 2013. Then he finally delved into the intricate realm of dough experimentation.

With Carlo Sammarco, Vitagliano introduced the “canotto” pizza. This was in fact characterized by its lofty crust, reminiscent of 70’s Vomero-style pizza. But what truly set this innovation apart was the use of unconventional techniques. Among these, there were those employed in bread-making, including dough preparation with biga or poolish.

Back then, this approach was perceived as a fleeting trend destined to fade away quickly. But time told us something different. Today, it stands indeed as the future of Neapolitan pizza. Vitagliano’s commitment to the principles he embraced years ago continues to underpin his work.

In 2016, he inaugurated his first pizzeria on the Pozzuoli waterfront, which swiftly outgrew its modest confines. Consequently, the following year he relocated to Naples’ Bagnoli district, to establish his flagship 10Pizzeria. In April 2019, a second branch opened its doors in Pozzuoli.

Diego Vitagliano and moretti forni masterclass

Diego Vitagliano’s focus, and its research for excellence

Diego shares:

“I craft my pizzas based on cherished memories, as I had the privilege of growing up with a grandmother who excelled in culinary artistry. The traditional Neapolitan recipes are all prominently featured on our menu, reimagined atop our pizzas. These include classics like ragù, genovese, succulent meats, and in spring, a pizza rendition of pasta and peas, among others.”

Also, its focus revolves around enhancing the digestibility of pizza, mastering the selection of flours, understanding enzymatic processes, and the thermal shocks that dough undergoes. For these reasons, Vitagliano is at the forefront of the new generation of Neapolitan pizzaioli who harmoniously blend modernity with time-honored wisdom.

But on top of that, Diego Vitagliano’s pizzas are recognizable for their lightness and superb digestibility. They truly boast a delicate softness with a hint of crispiness. Moreover, they are crafted using an indirect dough method with organic type 1 preferment, a 36-hour fermentation period, high hydration, and a minimal salt content.

His menu therefore pays homage to tradition, consistently offering staples such as marinara, margherita, montanara, and baked calzone. From these iconic creations, Diego crafts innovative interpretations like the “margherinara” and the “ragù” pizza. Additionally, Vitagliano always dedicates special attention to crafting gluten-free pizzas to cater to all tastes and dietary requirements.

A success that doesn’t end here: how to make great pizza without equally great equipment?

Although mastering the baking secrets of a champion such as Diego Vitagliano is priceless, that’s not enough by itself.

In fact, how to make a great pizza without proper equipment?

During the Sep 7 event at Simò Pizza, Moretti Forni introduced its jewel again. Neapolis is in fact the most powerful electric oven in the world. A baking miracle capable of knocking out the traditional wood-fired ovens in terms of performance.

We’ll never get tired of stressing out how crucial it is using a top class pizza oven. As clearly shown during the Masterclass, Neapolis allows you to bake a perfect pizza in less than ONE minute. And with all the pros of a wood-fired ovens, but in a cheaper, more time and energy saving way.

So, whether you attended last week’s Masterclass or not, if you’re a pizza restaurant owner who strives for success, wait no more.

Get in touch with us now to get your quote for Neapolis or another top class oven.

We’re Tekné Italia’s Official Partners in the US. So you won’t find better quotes and customer care anywhere else!

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