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October 20, 2023

Dolce & Salato Fest: this event will gather the top Italian food experts in NY

Dolce & Salato Fest is an event that will take place on November 14th in Brooklyn, hosted by us in our showroom.

This event has been crafted with a precise goal in mind: gathering the best professionals across the Italian food business industry and supply chain. Gathering them means in fact helping them to step up their business, merging their expertise, and setting up new partnerships.

But for us at MODALiTA, Dolce & Salato Fest is something more.

It’s a turning point that will finally put together all our long-term values, vision and know-how.

Back in 2011, when our company was founded by its three founders Gianluca, Pars and Sauro, the initial core business idea was introducing the best Italian design and furnishings into the US.

Upscale design is indeed a source of national pride for Italy. MODALiTA wanted to empower local establishments with elegant and consistently crafted Italian design masterpieces.

However, that was just the beginning of a long journey.

Year after year, we expanded our services by providing all kinds of Italian equipment needed by food shops to thrive.

Display cases, gelato machines, counters, ovens – MODALiTA has become today the partner that offers you everything you need, from the ground up, to achieve success through quality design, equipment and furniture. We also eventually started to host classes to help professionals develop their gelato and pizza making skills.

Today, with Dolce & Salato Fest, we’re making another step forward. We’re in fact working to create a real hub for all those Italian food professionals who want to learn, establish partnerships, and further develop their culinary offer.

Dolce Salato Fest

Dolce & Salato Fest is an anthem of the Italian culinary art

This very first Edition of the Fest showcases the epitome of Italian culinary heritage in the United States.

During the last century, a huge number of Italians moved into the US looking for a new life. It was the American Dream: their hope to find something new, better conditions, and a new exciting journey for them and their families.

As a consequence, a vast number of Italian communities have popped up throughout the whole country. And among them, food has always been a social glue playing the role of safekeeping their homeland’s traditions and roots. For Italians food means home, regardless of the geographical borders they may reside within.

Despite that, across the decades Italian food has become more and more popular even outside these communities. Italian recipes, flavors and culinary traditions are today a compelling mass phenomenon in the US and all over the world. And that translates into a billion-worth industry in the country.

Food, such as design, is a national Italian pride. And as part of the Italian community in the US, our goal is to celebrate the very best national delicacies – from pizza to panettone and gelato – by spreading and warding our authentic flavor heritage.

Dolce & Salato Fest thus honors the esteemed brands that embody an unwavering dedication to Italian excellence. The whole event will foster perfect harmony between traditional craftsmanship, equipment innovation and business profitability.

Who and why should attend the Event?

Dolce & Salato Fest is an event specifically crafted for all those visionary professionals seeking solutions to enhance their Italian food ventures and make them grow.

Also, the Fest will be a great opportunity for all the aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to enter the industry. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a newbie still trying to figure out how to set a delectable business, the event will indeed be the ideal space where questions meet answers.

The 3 key reasons to attend this Fest:

1. Learn from the best experts in the industry.

You will join a number of interactive sessions where leading Chefs in each field of expertise showcase their skills in crafting the finest pizza, pasta, pastry and gelato. They will work their magic using top-notch machines, equipment and premium ingredients from our top level sponsors.

2. Activate new business partnerships.

You will have the opportunity to meet other top professionals in the industry. And together, set combined strategies to merge your own expertise. A pizzeria can indeed profitably add delectable gelato in their menu, whereas an Italian restaurant can surely improve their offer by activating partnerships with first class pasta or mozzarella brands.

3. Build visibility to your brand.

What better environment to build your brand awareness than an event specifically crafted to gather under one roof a targeted audience of like-minded entrepreneurs eager to expand or elevate their business?

Entrepreneurs and Sponsors

The first edition of Dolce & Salato Fest will be possible thanks to those visionary entrepreneurs and Italian food champions who passionately worked to make it happen.

Among them:

Sabrina Mancin

Our long term partner Sabrina Mancin is a widely renowned Gelato Chef whose mission is sharing knowledge and expertise about one of the most beloved desserts in the world.

She’s the main mind behind Dolce & Salato Fest.

Ciro Iovine

The pizza chef Ciro Iovine conquered the heart of NYC and New Jersey with his “Song e Napule” after a long journey that brought him to the US. His lifelong commitment is to celebrate Neapolitan pizza and make it popular all over the world.

Nicola Olivieri

Owner and Pastry Chef of the historical Olivieri 1882, Nicola is the heir of an institution that counts over 140 years of activity. His iconic work is well represented by his award-winning Panettone, today widely recognized as one among the best ones in the world.

Michele Luliano

The Chef Michele Luliano is a highly renowned, multi award-winning representative of the Italian culinary excellence in the world. His restaurants focus both on Neapolitan pizza and other delicacies, such as his unmatched, mouthwatering gnocchi.

But the list of top level chefs who will be showcasing their skills at the event is growing bigger everyday. Among them we can already announce the participation of Fabrizio Facchini, Raffaele Solinas, Luigi Speranza and many others!


The event’s Sponsor List is quickly growing. Here’s some of the leading Made in Italy brand that are making Dolce & Salato Fest possible:

Main Sponsors for Dolce & Salato Fest

When, where, and how to register for the Dolce & Salato Fest?

Dolce & Salato Fest will take place on November 14th, from 10am to 7pm.


Of course in our MODALiTA Showroom, 65 19th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232!

Whether you’re a seasoned Italian food professional or an aspiring one, this event is tailored to your needs.

To register, we highly recommend you to secure your Ticket now, since until November 7th Early Birds Tickets are 50% OFF!

Get your Ticket at this link!

Looking forward to meeting you there!

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