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November 6, 2023

Daxì Sliding Desk is your must-have 2024 business design innovation to revolutionize your workspace

At MODALiTA, we first discovered the Daxì Sliding Desk at the beginning of 2023. Back then, no one in the US was selling Daxì yet, nor even had a clue about what this product actually was.  

As we always do every year, we were visiting the Food Restaurant Show with the precise goal in mind to learn about new innovative products to introduce in the US. The food & restaurant industry is in fact nowadays evolving at a quick and steady pace. Businesses and brands need to innovate their offerings, tighten their relationship with their own customers to retain them, and build their brand awareness.

As new players join the game, the competition gets stiffer.

And – we must admit it – we’re quite guilty for that.

Because our mission has always been to bring the highest quality existent to our customers, thus raising the quality bar and therefore also competition.

We’re aware of that. But contextually, we’re also aware that focusing on quality is the only actionable way to thrive in the long run.

How could a business distinguish and emerge in such a competitive scenario otherwise?

That’s when, wondering about this and wandering around the Trade Show, we first discovered Daxì. It was the first time we heard about that Italian brand – Futility – but we immediately got impressed.

It had indeed everything we were searching for: upscale design, innovative functionality, and a great market potential.

Daxì is an astonishing, equipped space on the move with endless possibilities. A versatile Sliding Desk whose destiny is most likely to become more and more popular among the top US professionals in the industry.

Daxì Sliding Desk

Download Here the brochure:

Daxì Sliding Desk is an equipped space on the move

In a world where adaptability and style go hand in hand, the Daxì Sliding Desk emerges as a game-changer for businesses seeking to redefine their workspace.

At the core of this innovative design project is the belief that your working environment should be as agile as your business itself. Daxì has in fact been meticulously crafted to provide not only functionality but also a touch of sophistication. And this makes it an ideal and seamless addition for both indoor and outdoor settings.

For these reasons, Daxì is not just a piece of furniture. It’s instead a dynamic workstation ready to adapt to your specific needs. With a sleek, monolithic cube design, it effortlessly transforms into a functional work counter with a simple lateral scroll.

Lateral scroll Daxì

One of the main aspects that impressed us most is its flexibility. This versatility allows you in fact to configure it with specific customizations suitable for a wide variety of usage scenarios.

Also, Daxì is not just about aesthetics. It’s a technological marvel designed to simplify your workday and improve your daily business routine. It’s indeed the embodiment of an agile, attractive workspace that transforms your working environment making it both efficient and enjoyable.

Here’s how we can summarize why we believe this Sliding Desk is such a promising product for any food or beverage business:

4 main reasons

1) Thanks to sturdy wheels, convenient handles and a lightweight frame, it’s incredibly easy to transport.

2) It’s a multifunctional Hub whose versatility allows a wide array of uses. That ranges from cocktail bars and equipped kitchens to DJ stations and creperies.

3) It’s a sleek, upscale, and cutting-edge piece of design. Tailored to enhance your business’s image thanks to the finest Italian craftsmanship.

4) It grants endless customization possibilities. This allows you to effortlessly promote your brand image while tailoring the desk to your precise requirements.

Daxì cooking counter workstation
Daxì crepes
Console counter Daxì workstation
Daxì sushi counter

Features and customization

As we have already pointed out, Daxì Sliding Desk is a versatile and highly customizable workstation.

Its key features include a solid structure with telescopic opening and wheels, providing a spacious working surface of 230 cm (90.55 inches). The desk also features a roomy drawer and stainless steel shelves for ample storage space.

These features can be combined together and with a range of accessories to encounter any specific need.

Also, we need to stress out how customization options for Daxì are extensive.

First of all, you can personalize every surface with various materials, graphics, logos, or even luminous writings. This allows you to tailor the desk to your precise requirements. But most importantly, it becomes a marketing tool to highlight and showcase any brand in any scenario.

This full customizability is therefore a powerful tool for promoting a brand image and expressing any business’ unique character.

Daxì Sliding Desk customizable

Regarding sizes, Daxì comes in 4 different sizes made to fit any kind of space:

Daxì Sizes

Furthermore, the worktop is available in various finishes to make it consistent with your overall branding.

And last but not least, you have the option to configure the desk with accessories, ensuring it meets your specific functional needs. Daxì Sliding Desk this way redefines functionality, enabling you to create a mobile workspace that is at the same time efficient, esthetically pleasant and personalized.

Design Workstation customizable

Daxì Sliding Desk accessories – Service and Compact 

Another feature that made us fall in love with this product is its modularity

To have a better understanding on how this might come in handy, you can just take a look at these two Sliding Desk integrations.

Daxì Service

Daxì Service is the ingenious addition that provides you with additional storage space, making it ideal for accommodating all your essential tools and equipment.

It indeed seamlessly integrates with your Daxì Sliding Desk. Upon request, you can also create a harmonious composition that combines the functionality and style of both, ensuring that your workspace remains organized and efficient.

Service Daxì is therefore a noticeable, modular and highly useful integration to your workstation. In fact, it not only amplifies your storage capabilities but also enhances the overall efficiency and aesthetics of your setup.

Daxì Service

Daxì Compact

Daxì Compact is an even more versatile travel station engineered for crafting on-the-spot experiences. Whether your moving activity is about mixing drinks or preparing finger foods, Daxì Compact is your secret weapon for making a distinctive impression.

This mobile trolley is effortlessly portable. This is mainly due to its wheels, handles, and lightweight build that weighs only 25kg (55lb).

Daxì Compact also features a sturdy structure with an extendable design. Further facilitated by its wheels, it offers a spacious 230 cm (90.55 inches) work surface. Moreover, you can optionally include a drawer and stainless steel trays for added convenience.

Like everything involving Futility, Daxì Compact adapts to your brand identity. These mighty customization skills add fresh value to your professional performance, ensuring you stand out in any scenario.

Daxì Compact

The Brand: Futility | Play Smart

The brand behind Daxì is Futility, a very young Italian brand that shares with us a lot of common values and visions.

They describe their own vision with these clear and focused words:

“We believe that the future of work is mobile and dynamic. We design and produce mobile workstations that are versatile, customizable, and durable. Our products are designed to help businesses and individuals work more effectively and efficiently in any environment.”

What we find most compelling about them, is how deeply they commit to playful (but smart) innovation and quality. The brand’s design creations are in fact truly crafted to help businesses and individuals work more effectively and efficiently in any environment.

Overall, we might define Futility as a landscape of useful, highly customizable solutions to make your spaces unique.

A universe that blends together quality craftsmanship and disruptive technology. A visionary source of human-focused objects that communicate uniqueness, originality and innovation.

And on top of that, we’re very proud to have them as Sponsor to our First Edition of Dolce & Salato Fest, on November 14th.

Futility Play Smart

Daxì Sliding Desk is heading to become one of the must-have equipment products for 2024

For all the reasons above, we believe that Daxì is one of the most surprising equipment pieces available today.

Its flawless Made in Italy design is able to highlight any brand identity and any food and beverage product. Due to its extensive customizability options Daxì Sliding Desk is in fact a perfect solution to bring your branding everywhere.

Ideal both for indoor and outdoor environments, it’s a perfect blend of eye-catching  pleasantness and technological efficiency. Moreover it’s modular, easy to transport and to combine with other pieces of equipment to make your work frictionless.

At MODALiTA we’re partners with Futility since we decided to invest in Daxì for the benefits of our existing and future clients.

So, if you want to step up your food or beverage business, you can count on us to get the best quote and customer care on the market.

Reach out to us by filling in our contact form!

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