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December 19, 2023

Pedrali: timeless icons in the Olympus of the Made in Italy design brands

If we had to pick just one word to define the Made in Italy design brand Pedrali, it would be this: Timeless.

When 12 years ago we created MODALiTA, we embarked in a long, exciting business journey whose goal was to promote Italian excellence in the US. This journey has led us to level up our offerings, learn all the secrets behind quality furniture and equipment, and frequently change paths to better meet our clients’ needs along the way.

At the very beginning, our focus was in fact centered upon the Made in Italy design. Before entering the world of equipment, gelato and ovens, we indeed mostly delved into upscale furniture for business spaces.

That’s when we actually fell in love with the brand Pedrali. Because Pedrali was the quintessence of the Italian design brand: a perfect blend of quality materials, essential and minimal style. A combination that transformed the brand, over the decades, into one of the most influential Made in Italy ambassadors worldwide.

Its products are indeed suitable for any kind of space, from offices to shops and restaurants. And that’s basically due to a single factor. Its design is in fact imbued with simple, comfortable lines that perfectly fit and adapt to any kind of well designed business.

Moreover, these iconic products transcend not only space, but also time. Trends and design are fickle, but Pedrali somehow manages to adapt and fit any change in taste and style.

Looking for products that will 100% keep fitting your space over time? 

Then you already have the answer. With its classic yet evergreen approach, it’s exactly what you can define Timeless.

Not surprisingly, despite our catalog at MODALiTA has always evolved, Pedrali’s masterpieces still play a central role in our works.

Visit our showroom anytime and you’ll definitely get to see how we love this superb Made in Italy design brand! 

Pedrali made in Italy design chairs in our showroom

How Pedrali has become a Made in Italy design icon

As someone said, “Tradition is just some innovation that worked”.

Talking about Pedrali, this quote fits perfectly. Because the Italian brand has always focused its attention on innovation and flawless quality. But year after year, it’s then been able to transform those design innovations into highly recognizable timeless icons.

Founded in 1963 by Mario Pedrali in the quaint town of Palazzolo sull’Oglio, the company has since established itself as a global leader in contemporary furniture. Its uniqueness lies in fact in the way they craft exceptional chairs, tables, furnishings, and lighting that seamlessly blend aesthetic elegance with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.

Pedrali’s journey began with a passion for outdoor furniture. At the time, its early creations quickly gained recognition for their timeless design and enduring appeal. It’s for instance the case of the iconic FRIDA chair. Then, as the company evolved, it has expanded its horizons to embrace a wider range of furniture solutions.

Moreover, each of them was led by the desire to push the boundaries of design.

From the minimalist elegance of the CROSS collection to the playful curves of the SLOT sofa, Pedrali’s products epitomize the essence of Italian craftmanships. Which, needless to say, is a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetic refinement, and technical prowess.

Also, the company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its embrace of cutting-edge technologies. 3D printing and robotic assembly allow indeed for the creation of intricate forms and complex details. At the same time, it helps maintaining the highest quality standards.

Last but not least, Pedrali’s factories are located in the heart of Italy’s furniture-making region, renowned for its artisans’ rigorous craftsmanship.

With Pedrali, quality design embraces sustainability and local commitment

While the Italian brand has today emerged as a global leader in the furniture industry, its values continue to play a pivotal role.

The company’s products grace the interiors of renowned hotels, restaurants, and private residences worldwide. But still any Pedrali’s product is imbued with their deep Italian heritage. This legacy is what made this brand so appreciated and recognized all over the world.

Secondly, Pedrali stands as a frontrunner in sustainable furniture manufacturing. Its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint leads them to prefer recycled materials, optimize production processes, and minimize waste.

Sustainable materials such as renewable plastic and top quality wood this way become both the brand’s design signature and also an effective solution to reduce the environmental impact.

You can download here Pedrali’s doc with all their most important actions regarding sustainability and safety:

Iconic furniture to upscale your business space

If you’re looking for an Italian design brand able to make your space a comfortable place for working and receiving your clients, Pedrali is your answer.

We might be biased due to our love for the brand, but the number of International awards and accolades received over the years, speaks for itself. Among them, the XXII Compasso d’Oro ADIfor pure sculptural beauty” won by the FRIDA chair is just one of the numerous examples.

As the brand moves forward along its journey, it keeps upholding its core values of beauty, tradition, and innovation. The company’s commitment to sustainable practices and its dedication to its Italian heritage ensure upscale, flawless products that will endure forever.

Pedrali’s legacy is a testament to the power of design to transcend time and language. Its timeless pieces will surely keep enriching the lives of people around the world for a long time.

If you want to step-up your business space with this beacon of Italian design, just click this link.

Reach out to us to get the best quote and customer service around!

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