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February 13, 2024

MODALiTA won the “Best Partner” award by BRAVO for the second year in a row

Yes, we did it again. We won again the “Best Partner” Award by BRAVO!

As we’ll explain in our next blog post, the 45th Edition of the World Dolce Expo has recently taken place in Rimini and it’s been a huge success.

At SIGEP, we had the luck to discover a lot of inspiring innovations in the industry. We also developed even further our connections and relationships with the top Italian design and equipment brands.

But on top of that, we began our 2024 with a new, awesome, personal satisfaction.

Our key partner BRAVO has in fact awarded MODALiTA with its glorious “Best Partner 2023” accolade!

Needless to say, achieving the honor of being nominated as the “Best Partners” by such an esteemed and historic company as BRAVO, fills us with immense pride. This recognition highlights and certifies our continuous commitment and the daily efforts we invest. Our job is no easy task. Introducing Italian technological masterpieces such as BRAVO Machines into the US has been a real challenge.

And even more so it is providing thoughtful advice to entrepreneurs seeking to launch or revamp their food businesses.

Therefore, the acknowledgment of the quality of our work holds significant value to us. It acts as a valuable motivator, inspiring us to maintain our high standards and persevere in delivering unwavering quality. This accolade fuels our determination to continue pursuing and promoting excellence.

Time to celebrate our Best Partner Award!

Here’s some pictures of our celebration!

Best Partner award by BRAVO

Our beautiful award <3

best equipment dealer in the US 2024

Dining and drinking wine, perfect Italian celebration!

Modalita & Bravo equipment for gelato and ice cream

Us celebrating both the award and the 50 years of the classic Trittico Machine

Our 4 BRAVO Best Partner Accolades!

A huge THANK YOU to all of you!

Regardless of our hard work to grant maximum quality and ideal solutions for any client of ours, we must say THANK YOU for this success. Because this Best Partner award is a tangible reflection of the trust our valued partners and clients have bestowed upon us over the years.

And certainly none of our achievements would have been conceivable without this trust.

From our end, we pledge to persist in what we’ve been doing during this our exciting journey over the past 10 years

We’ll keep striving to promote quality, putting all our expertise on design and technical solutions to transform your food business into the lifetime dream you’ve always envisioned.

So, if you’re looking to renovate your shop or make it more efficient and profitable, wait no more!

Reach out to us now to get quotes, advice or simply to schedule a visit to our showroom.

Make your 2024 a year to remember!

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