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February 20, 2024

SIGEP 2024: A brief recap of the 45th Edition of the World Dolce Expo in Rimini

After 5 long, exciting, days of trade show, the SIGEP 2024 has finally come to an end.

The 45th Edition of the World Dolce Expo in Rimini has been a huge success as every year. But even more than the previous editions, its numbers have been quite impressive.

However, numbers apart, for us from the MODALiTA Team attending such an event is always an inspiring opportunity. SIGEP gives us indeed the chance to do what we love most – travel to Italy, talk about delectable food and developing partnerships with existing and new innovative Italian excellences.

Additionally, SIGEP 2024, exactly as all the previous Editions (and maybe even more), helped us understand clearly where the food industry is going and which are the most promising innovations to foster during this fresh new year.

These hints will surely guide our work in 2024. And obviously, our clients will greatly benefit from them since we headed back to NYC with a widely larger comprehension of what food businesses will need in the near future.

Following, our top news coming from SIGEP 2024!

Modalita at Rimini for sigep with BRAVO

3 big news coming from SIGEP 2024

1) BRAVO will switch to propane in 2025

Recently, the European Union has introduced new regulations inherent in the so-called F-gasses.

These gasses are the ones currently used by lots of different commercial refrigeration devices. And obviously, these include gelato machines and related equipment.

Starting from the next year, freon will be banned and equipment producers will have to switch to greener solutions. BRAVO has already announced its journey to fully switch to propane in 2025.

We’ll further discuss the implications of this in a dedicated blog post.

2) Camurri’s chocolate machines will be a must-have for 2024

Last year at MODALiTA, we partnered with Camurri Industries to amplify our chocolate equipment offer.

The reason why we chose Camurri is due to their long-term vision and expertise in the chocolate realm, which led the brand to become an institution in the industry. The Italian brand is indeed the perfect blend of technical efficiency and product excellence we are always looking for.

This SIGEP Edition confirmed that our intuition was definitely right.

Camurri is in fact investing a lot to become widespread in the US. The plan is to help American cafeterias, bars and restaurants to offer authentic, delectable chocolate to their clientele.

If you’re a similar business owner, start to evaluate investing in a top-notch chocolate machine. Offer great chocolate to your customers, and see how they will 100% love it.

3) Gelato and pastry are pairing

A new trend we discovered at SIGEP 2024, might be the secret weapon of both gelato and pastry shops for the upcoming year.

Simplifying a little, gelato and pastry are pairing.


Gelato makers are introducing pastry into their shops, and pastry bakers are adding gelato into theirs.

This way they amplify their offer and they manage to combine flavors to attract new customers. The interesting thing for those who work in the food contract business, is the consequence in terms of equipment.

The gelato and pastry shops involved are in fact also looking to pair their visual display cases. In other words, they are investing in identical pairs of visual displays: one for gelato and an identical one for pastry.

This allows them to ensure maximum design consistency to their establishments. Needless to say, producers are quickly adapting to this emerging trend to match these shops’ needs.

Embrace the new year with all you need to achieve success

If there’s anything we learned during this 45th Edition of the World Dolce Expo, it’s that innovation never stops.

The food industry always roots in tradition, especially when talking about Italy. Consequently, very often it happens to conceive the sector as something constantly bound to the past. Something that must preserve its essence just by standing still.

But the truth is that even though you wish to preserve traditional taste and flavors, nothing prevents you from improving the way you produce those flavors.

Preserving traditional flavors doesn’t mean in fact that you can’t make your cooking process more efficient and profitable for your business!

Today, you have the opportunity to make a mouthwatering neapolitan style pizza with an electric oven instead of an old-style wood-fired one. The outcome is the same, but you can cook it with lower costs and lower maintenance!

At the same time, you’ll be able to craft a delicious gelato using a machine fueled by propane, with all the environmental advantages it brings.

And this blend of respect for the culinary tradition and technical innovation is what at MODALiTA we’ve been pursuing during all these years.

Also, it’s what made us win for two years in a row this amazing award by BRAVO:

BRAVO award for Modalita at Sigep 2024

Our mission is to help any top-class food business in the US to achieve commercial success through quality.

Reach out to us now to get advice on the most fitting equipment for your shop’s needs!

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