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May 8, 2024

What do attendees say about Chef Sabrina Mancin’s professional Gelato Making Class

If you’re a professional or a shop owner in the frozen dessert industry, you will likely have already had some kind of experience with a professional gelato making class.

Perhaps you have not attended any yet, but you may at least have stumbled upon one of those. Gelato classes are in fact crucial for an aspiring maker who wants to reach excellence for their actual or future customers.

Gelato and common ice cream are indeed totally different products, and there is huge variance even between two different products of the same category. If you are oriented to offer a top quality gelato in your shop, you will need to develop and follow precise rules. That’s where a great Instructor Chef can really step in and make a difference in your career.

But how to find and pick the right professional Gelato Making Class for you?

This is not an easy choice, since enrolling in such a class is an important investment in your future success.

That’s why at MODALiTA, a few years ago, we decided to host our own Gelato Classes. And to do so, we needed to set up a partnership with a trustworthy, expert, and awesomely skilled Instructor. Our goal was in fact to provide our clients and other local professionals with all the techniques and know-how they need to reach excellence with the least possible effort.

We found out that Chef Sabrina Mancin was the perfect choice.

Professional Gelato Making Class by Sabrina Mancin and Modalita

What they say about Sabrina Mancin and her game-changing Class

Sabrina Mancin is a culinary entrepreneur with a long and inspiring professional journey.

Born in Venezuela to an Argentinian mother and Italian father, her international heritage brought her to establishing her own private catering company in the US after completing her Master’s degree. She then expanded her expertise by working at a prestigious culinary institute in Italy and later took charge of NANNDI, a Frozen Cream and Pastry Shop in Miami. There she became renowned for her gelato.

Chef Sabrina then started to provide consulting services internationally, prioritizing helping businesses improve their culinary offerings. Today, she focuses on private consulting for gelato and ice cream shops, sharing her expertise through online courses and classes. 

On top of that, at MODALiTA we have chosen her because her food philosophy 100% matches ours. 

In fact, it centers on making delicious food accessible to both customers and professionals. Also, she believes in the power of quality ingredients and techniques to create memorable culinary experiences. Through her teachings, she empowers gelato makers to develop their own unique and delicious flavors while always taking care about efficiency and business’ profitability.

The result? 

Her Gelato Making Class is today the safe spot for any wannabe or actual gelato maker who wants to learn fast, well and easily. 

Not because we are saying it. But because attendees themselves say it.

Listen below to their own words!

What they say about our Gelato From Scratch Class 

The following are just some of our class’ past attendees’ testimonials.

Check them out!

Enroll now to the next professional Gelato Making Class!

If you want to give an almost unfair business to your Gelato Shop, wait no more.

Our 2-day Gelato from Scratch Class will give you all the info and know-how you need to run a successful business that will make your customers satisfied and eager to come back.

Always remember that profitability and quality always go hand in hand. Invest in yourself and your shop today to reap the fruits of your dream business tomorrow.

Click here to reserve your seat for the upcoming class!

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