IFI was born in 1962, in Pesaro.

Since then, IFI established itself as an artisan firm specializing in the production of gelato, pastry and ice cream parlors display cases. As a result, it has made its mark on the history of food & beverage business. And it has made it through innovations that established new reference standards for the sector all over the world.

The award winning design combined with technological quality consequently made this one of the leading manufacturers of display cases.

In this page, you can find our selection of the best products IFI has for your business. From beautiful horizontal displays for your gelato to top notch machines for your shop, we have it all here.

Don`t risk to make avoidable mistakes by choosing the wrong equipment for your gelato, ice cream and pastry shop. Contact us immediately and let us drive you towards the best feasible and top quality solution to raise up your business.

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